Really, Really Bad Trick Shot Ideas

Scott Janovitz@@BrainTrain9Featured ColumnistAugust 26, 2014

Really, Really Bad Trick Shot Ideas

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    The aftermath of a Trick Shot gone wrong
    The aftermath of a Trick Shot gone wrongClip from youtube

    Internet trick shots have become the craze. They can be hugely entertaining for viewers all over the world and turn the average person into a true entertainer—and sometimes a star. They abide by no rules or limits. If a trick shot hasn’t been done before, it’s fair game.

    It’s the beauty of the trick shot but also the danger.

    Without guidelines or restrictions, people at home can attempt anything their hearts desire. Sometimes this limitless nature leads to the incredible. More often than not, however, it leads to the regrettable.

    It’s with the latter in mind, then, that we rank the top 15 "bad idea" trick shots that went horribly wrong.

15. Look out Below

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    With a basketball in hand, your friend hikes to the top of a tall structure. Down below, you’re positioned under the targeted hoop, most likely there to rebound your friend’s numerous misses. Camera’s rolling…

    With everything in place, there’s only one more thing for you to do: Pay attention! Just a little, at the very least.

    In the video above, the all-important rebounder clearly ignores the final step and experiences harsh leather to the face as a result.

    It’s just like football: If even one man misses an assignment…he gets a basketball slammed into his head.

14. Target Misfortune

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    Soccer: an underappreciated sport made up of underappreciated skills.

    That those who have figured the sport out can do such extraordinary things with a ball and their feet is more than impressive.

    It’s why soccer trick shots are some of the baddest on the block.

    Yet with all that said, a word to the wise: No matter how cool the trick shot is, find a prop/target that isn’t directly in front of your house.

13. Back Off

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    Guy No. 1: “Hey, dude. I have this awesome trick shot idea. You want in?”

    Guy No. 2: “Probably. But what do you need from me?”

    Guy No. 1: “Oh, not much. I’m going to have you bend over just a bit, turn around and face away from this basketball hoop, at which time I’m going to slam this ball as hard as I can off your back. If all goes according to plan, it will ricochet off your throbbing, most likely bruised spine and into the hoop. Sound OK?”

    Now, for a reason I cannot possibly fathom, in response to all that, Guy No. 2 at some point said, “Sure. Sounds like a solid plan.”  

    I really hope America’s allies don’t catch wind of this.

12. Watch Your Balls

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    Most pool tables come replete with balls (15, to be exact).

    Why do I mention this, you ask?

    Well, because that’s plenty of balls. Pool-related trick shots, then, don’t require involvement from your balls, too.

    In fact, as soon as you know pool balls are about to go flying, you have a responsibility to get your balls as far out of the way as possible.

    That’s Man Law. Follow it, or suffer.

11. It's Only a Face

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    I thought the pool rules I established with slide 12 would suffice. I guess I was wrong.

    New rule: Don’t include any valuable members of your body in pool-related trick shots.

    If you do, it will end in pain—and possibly a hospital.

10. We Expect More

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    I thought we covered this? Human faces don’t belong on pool tables, no matter the cause.

    There are some people in life from whom you simply expect more. Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney was one of those people.

    But as the above video indicates, I was clearly wrong about Swinney.

    Or maybe the video says something else entirely: that no matter how intelligent, reasonable and rational a man is, a beautiful blond can get him to do just about anything.

9. A Nice Day for a Swim

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    As funny as this video is, there’s actually a lot we can learn from this guy’s many trick-shot mistakes.

    First, if the straw fedora belongs in a few specific settings, the golf course isn’t one of them.

    Second, liquid courage isn’t always your friend.

    Finally, and most importantly, don’t pretend you’re good at golf when you actually aren’t. Lying gets you nowhere in life, except maybe in a creek or two.

8. Tee, Meet Tongue

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    There’s not much to say here. This was clearly a bad idea from the start, just based on simple cost-benefit analysis.

    If everything goes according to plan, you have a mildly entertaining trick-shot video, nothing more (and probably less).

    If you miss by even the slightest margin, your buddy ends up with a tee firmly implanted in his tongue.

    And if you miss by a little more, he gets a driver to the dome.

    With all that said, I ask: Was the supposed “trick” really worth the risk?

7. Balotelli Blunder

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    This is the first and only trick shot on our list that actually includes a pro athlete—Mario Balotelli—in a true game setting.

    And I somewhat get the attempt: When you play for Manchester City (a European soccer power), you don’t have to take a match against the L.A. Galaxy all that seriously.

    But then again, it’s soccer—a sport in which goals are at a premium.

    To even consider a trick shot in the midst of a quality scoring opportunity—when your team sports only a 1-0 advantage—is nothing short of reckless arrogance and stupidity.

    I'm not even mad, more so impressed. The same can't be said of his coach, however.

    Super Mario? More like super benched.

6. A Star Born

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    All of the attempted trick shots on this list can be classified as really bad ideas, and mostly for reasons concerning obvious danger.

    The above trick-shot video was a bad idea, too, but for completely different reasons.

    Simply put, the kid had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

    Without an established plan or any semblance of Frisbee skills to speak of, his bottled target might as well have been in a completely different but equally creepy wooden dungeon. In truth, the TV and hanging light bulb seemed (and proved to be) more at risk from the very start.  

    And while the kid made the list for attempting a trick shot that was doomed before it began, we are actually glad he did so. 

    I’m a new, better man for having seen his dynamic presentation and nasty dance moves.

5. Never Trust a Murray

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    For the majority of his career at Georgia, quarterback Aaron Murray was considered a sometimes-prolific quarterback who shrunk in the biggest, most pressure-packed moments.

    With a couple big wins, Murray did well to somewhat shake the reputation as a senior in 2013.

    This video, however, was shot in 2011.

    At that time, you’d be a sucker for counting on Murray, and the above video proves as much.

    Had I been at the beach on this infamous day, I’d have come to the rescue and reminded the poor victim of the prior fall, which included an Aaron Murray three-interception performance against Florida.

4. Missed by a Chair

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    Of all the videos to make the list, the one above belongs perhaps more than any other.

    This trick shot off the chair was such a bad idea from the start that everyone in attendance knew disaster was on its way.

    The golfer's so called “friends” were ready and waiting, circling like sharks eyeing chum.

    They weren’t watching to see him swing from the chair. They were waiting for him to fall from it.

    There’s a lesson here: Friends have your back, except for when throwing you under a bus seems like much more fun.

3. Hey, That Was My Butt!

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    Knowing your skills is itself a skill. The smartest and most successful among us have identified, cultivated and protected their best strengths and attributes.

    And with that sound philosophy in mind, I think we can all agree on two things: Models would be wise to protect their bodies, and Elizabeth Dickson made a huge mistake when she failed to do so.

    Dickson paid for quite literally putting her butt on the line when a radio stunt went wrong in 2012. The aftermath was gruesome and inspired Dickson to sue Playboy Enterprises and radio host Kevin Klein for $500,000.

    So, on second thought, we should probably revise the above agreement: Models should protect their bodies, unless failing to do so can potentially net them half a million dollars.

2. The Roof/Pool Table Is on Fire

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    If you search for trick shots gone bad for long enough, you will eventually run across some devastatingly horrific videos, ones that you are sure can’t be real.

    The above video would fall into the aforementioned category if only it weren’t so tragically real.

    I’m not sure how the two bozos in the video thought their “trick shot” would end, but if you douse your pool table in gasoline and then put a lighter to it, you should probably plan on buying a new one.

1. Stop, Drop and Dance

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    Trick Shot about to go wrong
    Trick Shot about to go wrongClip from YouTube

    This video is too amazing to go anywhere but at the top of the list. The golfer’s trick-shot vision seemed questionable from the start, but the whole thing turned out worse than even I could have anticipated.

    It’s probably safe to say that playing golf with fire isn’t the best of ideas. But if you absolutely have to do it for some clearly insane reason, at least be prepared to defend yourself when you go up in flames.

    Is it strange or fitting that Mr. Camo—playing golf in a field of dirt—brushes the inferno away as if it’s just a little mud on his pants?

    What I call a dangerous trick shot gone horribly wrong, he calls a fun Friday night.