A Dallas Cowboy Fairy Tale

Janet KesslerCorrespondent IJuly 13, 2009

1984:  Head coach Tom Landry of the Dallas Cowboys stands and watches from the sideline during a Cowboys game in the 1984 season.    Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Daniel/ALLSPORT

Gather 'round little children, and I will tell you a story of old. 

A story as old as...Me! 
Once upon a time in the Land of the Silver Star, there once was a goodly, mighty prince named Landry.  For most of his days on earth, Prince Landry commanded the knights and guards of the Keep of the land.
The knights were handsome and brave leaders of the guards.  The guards were huge, brave, and mighty men of valor. 

The Keep they occupied was an enchanted mighty fortress.  Legend has it that the Keep was an unusual place in size and had a window to the heavens. 

It is said that Prince Landry and his men drew magical powers from the Keep.  A magical all-seeing eye was once housed there.  

The soul purpose of the eye was to record the feats of Prince Landry and his men. 

Now I am told there were many kings at one time that once ruled over the Land of the Silver Star.  But none were ever seen, for they lived far, far away. 

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Brave Prince Landry had the blessing of all the kings, and with his knight and guard, he defended the Land of the Silver Star.

There would be many, many battles to come...

Closer little children, as I tell you the horrors of the past. 

You ask, "who would attack the Land of the Silver Star?...Who would attack the Keep?" 

There were incredible savage beasts in those days, mostly from the north.  Many evils stalked the Land of the Silver Star, trying to destroy it. 

There were evil Giants to the East. They were ugly brutes whose very gaze could turn a man to stone. 

From the Land of Philadelphia rained the terror of the skies.  Giant Eagles attacked the Keep regularly.  Their razor sharp talons could carry away a full size horse. 

There were tribes of angry people of Redskins that lived in the woods to the northeast.  Crazed savages, there would be no reasoning with them.  Pillage and plunder was all they understood.  

There were vicious hungry Lions to the North.  They were ungodly in size and could kill with a single bite. 

Even giant Bears from the land of Chicago prowled the land.  They looked for anything and devoured everything. 

Menacing Vikings came from the land of many lakes.  They came and took what they wanted, leaving only destruction behind. 

There were other evils as well, too many to mention, too terrible to put to words. 

Bravely, Prince Landry and his mighty men met each and every challenge and were victorious in many battles. 

Songs of their exploits were heard across the land.  All was well in the Land of the Silver Star. 

After major battles of super proportion, the kings of the land had special rings made to commemorate the victories.  Each knight and guard were given a ring, and Prince Landry was given one as well. 

This feat of kindness by the kings was only known to have been done twice. 

Many years past, and things began to change in the Land of the Silver Star.  Prince Landry became older, although still very wise, his powers had diminished. 

An evil sorcerer, by the name of Jerry of Jones, cast a spell on all the kings of the Land of the Silver Star, making them give their crowns of authority to him. 

The evil sorcerer claimed the Land of the Silver Star as his own.  His next act of evil will be forever unforgiven. 

The evil sorcerer vanquished our beloved Prince Landry from the mighty Keep, leaving Prince Landry broken hearted, and to wander the earth for the remainder of his days.

Next the evil sorcerer cast a spell on all the knights and guards of the keep.  Putting every single one under the evil sorcerer's control. 

Jerry of Jones next appointed his own evil prince to do his evil bidding.  Yes little children...The sun is fading in the Land of the Silver Star. 

It is said the evil sorcerer still occupies the Keep to this very day...