Happy Birthday, Al Davis: A New Beginning at 80

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIJuly 5, 2009

I would not have known that July 4th is Al Davis's birthday.  I read a B/R article and I saw a few connections.

Al's birthday is also a day that North Korea displayed its capability. It sent out a signal.  Will there be peace in the valley?

Al's birthday symbolizes a new beginning. There is a lesson, sometimes taught in Hebrew classes, that tells us that 8 and 80 symbolize new beginnings.

One thing is certain in the life of Moses. He led Israel out of bondage, away from Egypt, at the age of 80. Al could be the "Moses" of the Oakland Raiders.

Since math teaches us to decode and decipher information, I conjecture that Al's career is getting a new start, a new hope, and a new beginning.

Some folks belittle him, while others see his genius. Let's look at some patterns, connections and trends.

1. America is getting a new beginning by the new character of its leadership. Barack Obama symbolizes the people's choice to attempt a new beginning of the American Dream for a very diverse population.

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2. A generation is awakening because of the death of one of its icons. Michael Jackson's death has shaken so many people around the world. Lessons are to be learned. Things are shifting, changing and causing people to re-think their situation.

3. Another NFL player's death was announced today, July 4, 2009. It is a sign that the character and conduct of some NFL players need to be transformed and changed.

4. The economy is causing things to change. New beginnings are becoming evident as people are without jobs, losing their homes, and losing their sense of security and well-being.

Al Davis is still around.  He is a symbol of persistence. He anticipates change, an upswing, for an improved NFL team.

Al Davis may represent a "Moses" of the Oakland Raiders. He may be the man to lead them forward into their NFL "promise land." He may see the promise. He may wonder how long he can dwell in the manifestation of that vision or promise.

As a leader and visionary for so many years, he has arrived at the age of 80. This may have a deep meaning for him. His focus is now. He wants to get to the top of the mountain, so to speak.

After all, Al Davis has been a commissioner, a coach, and an owner. He has made tough choices and he has had a spectacular team. He has a steel-like attitude of doing it his way.

Al Davis is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He is represented numerous times in the NFL history and galleries.

He has been at the top. He is determined to spiral up to the top, again.

At 80, the year of new beginning, Al Davis has a reasonable expectation.

Believe it, and achieve it, Al Davis.  Happy Birthday.