The Al Davis Thoughts: Do You Think Al Could Be Worse?

Raider Card Addict@RaidercardadictSenior Writer IJuly 4, 2009

3 Dec 2000:  A close up of Owner Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders as he smiles and looks on during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Steelers defeated the Raiders 21-20.Mandatory Credit: Tom Pidgeon  /Allsport

Old. Senile. Destructive. Task-Master. Evil. Satanic.

And these are the descriptive words that can be used to describe Al Davis that can be printed.

Time and again people will make the comment that Al Davis is destroying the team, doing all the wrong things, living in the past...some would accuse him of ruining the California budget, if they could find evidence supporting it.

But what a lot of people fail to realize...things could be a whole lot worse. For your amusement and debate, I present the current situations...and how they could be a whole lot worse.

First of all, was Al's spending spree in 2008.

Al Davis went out and spent about a quarter of a billion dollars to field a team for Lane Kiffin. Sadly, Kiffin apparently could have cared less, set this model to self-destruct and did everything possible to get fired.

How could this have been worse? Easy. Al could have tightened the purse strings, made it completely impossible to bring in anyone and forced Lane Kiffin to work with the already depleted team. By the end of August those who still remained, uninjured would have been butchered in the season.

Secondly, Al Davis hasn't named a GM, leading to issues of communication problems. When everything has to flow through the man at the top, issues of contract problems, holdouts and no one to bounce problems off of can lead to rebellion in the ranks.

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How could this be worse? Easy...can you imagine having Matt Millen in there?

Thirdly, Al Davis in this last six years has built a team with a record for 11+ losses in consecutive seasons. With bad drafts, poor production and a lack of true organization, this team can't get any better.

How could this be worse?

Even easier....what if the Raiders were truly this bad for the last 49 years? No Super Bowl wins, no division titles, no Hall of Famers.....nothing? Instead Oakland has those great years, those trophies, those titles...and a lot of busts in the Hall of Fame in Canton...including one for Al too.

Fourth up, Al Davis can't draft to save his life. He never finds any talent, he can't find anyone who is a pro bowler and his word is law.

How could this be worse? Easy...he could trade any potential star as soon as he's showing signs of greatness, trade out those first round picks for nothing in return and completely forget where he's drafting, ala Vikings.

Lastly, can this man keep a coach longer than a year? Can this guy possibly find anyone else to coach this club? Davis has been a joke for years, maybe Al Davis should just name himself the coach...

How could it be worse? Easy. Could you imagine having three head coaches in one season? Or how about having to put up with a coach that had a winning percentage of .298? Marion Campbell was such a coach, who led the Falcons and Eagles for nine years.

Nine years, with no winning seasons. As for Al Davis being the head coach...would be worth the price of admission. Not to mention he has a higher winning percentage than Norv Turner.

Things could be a lot, lot worse, in Oakland. Try to look at the positive things...might improve your outlook on life, too.

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