Greetings from Beantown: A Transplanted Bengals Fan's Perspective from Patsland

OneManCrimeWaveContributor IJuly 1, 2009

CINCINNATI - OCTOBER 1: Quarterback Carson Palmer #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals calls the play during the NFL game against the New England Patriots on October 1, 2007 at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

As you may or may not have noticed I (Bob) have been relatively quiet the last few weeks here on OMCW, but I am back and as re-energized about the Bengals as ever.

You see I have relocated to Boston to start a new career and in the process have begun a one-man siege of New England with Bengals pride. Yes, they laugh. Yes, I get angry. Yes, I Hulk Smash.

But constantly being around Patriots fans has given me a perspective and a hope I never thought I would gain from being around the Belichick believers. You see, the Patriots used to suck also.

The hardcore fans, who are easily identified by the excitement evoked by saying the names Ben Coates or Andre Tippett, have been through similar losing and hopelessness, and come out on the other side with three Superbowl victories.

The Pats have been through a thirteen-year playoff drought and an eight-year playoff drought. Also, before finding a fantastic owner in Bob Kraft and arguably the best active coach in Bill Belichick, the team was mismanaged, lacked a home stadium, shuffled out of Boston, and sold numerous times.

My point is that "real" Patriot fans have a great deal of sympathy for Bengals fans. They know what it is like to be a fan of a horrible franchise. They give me hope that one day we will be like them and have a legitimate dynasty to cheer on. But for now, they are one of the major obstacles standing in the way of number nine and company.

Go Bengals, screw the Patriots.

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