You Know You Have One...Just Admit It. Who's Your Man Crush?

Ed SchultheisContributor IJune 30, 2009

NEW YORK - MAY 04:  NFL player Tom Brady and model Gisele Bundchen attends 'The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion' Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

I think of myself as just your ordinary, run of the mill, heterosexual man. I love a few sports, watch most of them, and consider myself a pretty devoted sports fanatic.

But it took just a little while for me to realize, as un-heterosexual as it may sound, that I have quite a few so-called, "man crushes."

But I actually found out, amongst my circle of married and single male friends, that they were dealing with the exact same feelings. Some were obviously more willing to "crush" than others. Others were on their way to cheating on their significant others with their mental man crush.

It certainly doesn't help when your wife is making fun of you and your infatuation with another dude.

But here I was, looking at these men, and thinking..."man, if only I could get them in a room alone!" To sign stuff and talk about the shot they pulled off, or the home run they hit, or what it felt like to do whatever they did to make them the object of my fascination.

Why? What did you think I was going to do in the room with them? No, see sentence number one!

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For me, as a die-hard Blue Jays fan living in Maryland, I count down the days for when Roy Halladay and company come to town. I'll buy prime seats along the Jays dugout, just so I have the chance to yell to "Doc." Maybe he'll look my way, probably he won't. But just give me a little look, a wave, something, and I'll call it a day.

I know his stats, his repertoire of pitches, his real name. Heck, I've got one of those posters of him in my computer room. And, as weird as it sounds, I'm not a 12 year-old boy anymore. Haven't been for 16 years. But when it comes to my various "man crushes," I might as well be.

But I don't just "man crush" on anyone, I'm not a man crush player here. I'm not out there man crushing on Prince Fielder. Although, I think there are definitely some people out there right now, crushing on Prince. Or even King Felix while we're at it.

No, I reserve my most deeply felt man crush for someone much more hated. A person that people hear his name, and their first reaction is a combination of: "I hate him" and "Why would you like him?"

Sergio Garcia.

That's right. El Nino. Sergio "stop gripping the damn club" Garcia. Sergio "Mrs. Martina Hingis" Garcia. Sergio "Mrs. Greg Norman's daughter" Garcia. The list goes on.

But while my girlfriend's desktop photo is a picture of us smiling it up at a wedding reception, mine is Sergio Garcia blasting out of a bunker at this year's Masters. And I'm totally cool with that. I think she has become very accepting of my crush. Or at least pretends well.

Did I also mention that he is the background on my iPhone too? So what if my girlfriend has a picture of us on her cell phone? I'm sure it all balances out somewhere!

All I know is that since I have verbally committed to having these "man crushes," to my friends and golf partners and anyone else I feel like telling, I feel free. Maybe a little more vulnerable, but free from the shackles that were keeping my feelings locked deep inside.

Maybe you completely disagree with my entire note and feel just a little more metro-sexual after reading this post. But maybe, somewhere in there, you feel exactly the same about Tom Brady or Roger Federer or even, Prince Fielder.

So, who are your "man crushes?" Don't be afraid or shy to write them down here, let those crushes out and remember that the truth will set you free!

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