10 Amazing Track and Field Fails

Giancarlo Ferrari-King@@GiancarloKingFeatured ColumnistJune 5, 2014

10 Amazing Track and Field Fails

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    The world of track and field has provided us with some of the most legendary fails in sports history. 

    When people decide to pole vault 50 feet in the air or sprint while jumping over random objects, sometimes disaster ensues.

    By maneuvering our way through the World Wide Web, the following slideshow was created to bring you 10 of the most amazing track and field fails of all time.

The Hurdle Fail

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    The video featured above has to be one of the most legendary fails in the history of track and field.

    After botching his first attempt to leap over the initial hurdle, the runner who's highlighted at the beginning of the clip decides to take matters into his own hands.

    Instead of jumping over the remaining hurdles like the rest of his peers, he figured it would probably be easier to just use his hands to throw them out of the way.

Duel of the High School Hurdlers

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    You have to give both of these young ladies a ton of credit. 

    Taking a page out of the great Chumbawamba's book, they get knocked down, but they get up again. And folks, guess what? You're never going to keep them down.

    Sure, this video may have been edited on Windows 98. But that doesn't take away from the fact that both of these girls are true track and field warriors.

The Collision

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    You don't need to be well-versed in track and field etiquette to understand that getting in the way of another runner probably isn't the best idea.

    This poor soul featured in the video above wandered aimlessly into a live sprint and got obliterated by a guy who rocked the same hairstyle as Teck Holmes from The Real World: Hawaii.

The Ultimate Recovery

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    What better way is there to recover from an embarrassing fall on the track than to embrace your inner Scotty 2 Hotty?

    At this high school race, the young man rocking the Dartmouth-colored green jersey makes a dash for the finish line. When he tries to lean forward, he winds up losing his balance and smacks the ground.

    Thankfully, he recovers the only way he knows how: by unleashing the worm.

The Broken Pole

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    As a sport, pole vaulting looks like it's one of the most difficult things a human being can do.

    Running around with what appears to be a 300-foot pole in your hands is unsafe to begin with.

    But when you have to use said pole to propel yourself to reach Moron Mountain-like heights, that's when things starts to take on a life of their own.

The Double Fail

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    You have to feel bad for these two guys.

    They were actually cruising along rather nicely until fate decided to lower its cruel hand.

    Watching the clip above, it looks like Wonder Woman tossed her lasso around both runners and decided at the last minute to give them a tug.

    At nearly the exact same time, each runner tragically tumbles to the ground.

The Mascot Fail

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    No one is safe. Even after a race comes to an end, calamity can strike at any moment.

    After winning the 400-meter hurdles, Jamaica's Melaine Walker decided that it would be a great idea to jump on the back of a mascot and enjoy a complimentary piggyback ride.

    As the crowd cheers her on, the mascot carries Walker around in a celebratory fashion.

    What seems like harmless fun quickly turns into one of the best track and field moments ever captured on tape.

The Steeplechase Fail

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    Steeplechase is a form of track and field that puts participants in the way of some grueling obstacles.

    The worst obstacle being the massive water pit placed right below a random hurdle.

    Bad things tend to happen when you put water after a hurdle. Don't believe me? Watch the video above.

Hurdles vs. Kids

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    In general, jumping over hurdles at full speed isn't for everyone.

    Unless you're built like LeBron James, when you're a kid you tend to have trouble piecing together a clean run out there on the track.

    Despite their outstanding efforts, this video proves that leaping over hurdles simultaneously can be a punishing endeavor for youngsters.

The Hype Man

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    Who doesn't love a good hype man?

    A true master of ceremonies always finds a way to get the crowd on its feet.

    Take this guy, for example: He does a stellar job of getting the fans amped up before his long jump.

    Unfortunately, the end result of that jump didn't quite live up to the hype.