A Washington Redskins Fan's Greatest Anticipation!

Kurt B. GrizzardContributor IJune 28, 2009

NEW YORK - APRIL 25:  Washington Redskins #13 draft pick Brian Orakpo poses with his family at Radio City Music Hall for the 2009 NFL Draft on April 25, 2009 in New York City  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Well Fellow fans, it’s that time of the year again.  As we look at the approaching 2009 season, it’s like we are emerging from a harsh winter into a much awaited spring and we leave all of the boring continuous MLB Steroid talk that’s on-going, because it also baseball season.  

Well Fellows, I know if you're a football fanatic like me, you’re tired of that because YOU'RE READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL.  


The spring which speak of is, obviously, the dawn of the beginning of a new season where we anticipate the reality that all of our dreams for a winning campaign, a trip to the play offs and ultimately, a trip to the Super Bowl will finally come true!  

Hey, what team are we talking about here? Oh! It’s just the Washington Redskins who has not been to the playoffs but twice in the last ten years and has only had a mediocre season records since Daniel Snyder has been the owner.

However, in light of these facts, do I—like every one else who pens articles for the Bleacher Report  about  our Washington Redskins—continue to spread negative ideas about this up-coming season and how poorly the team will do? NO! 

I am not going to take that approach. We would not be very good supporters of the team if we constantly projected a season of defeat and mediocrity. After All, what do all the “Talking Head” and rouge Reporter know anyway?  

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The things we hear and read are purely just educated speculation and a small percentage of these speculations ever become head lines and news which ultimately prove to be true.

Well Fans, as for what I anticipate for this season, it’s about time that we had a break through in all of the past disappointments that we have had as Fans of the Redskins.

To begin with, as we enter our pre-season schedule, I believe that we will see a lot of new rookies make names for their selves and the roster for the first time. I foresee our record this pre-season,finishing at a 2-2 mark.  

Also, unlike other years, the team will go through pre-season not sustaining any major injuries and coming out healthy as we enter into the regular season.

I predict that Jason Campbell will have a break out year and improve on his record of 2008, with more passing yardage and less interceptions.

It goes with out saying, he must have a good year behind center or I believe he is out after this season. Also, I believe that Clinton Portis will have a banner year and run for record yardage because the offensive line will improve in their performance. 

I believe that the re-acquisition of Derrick Dockery to the offensive line and the addition of other quality free agents will improve the run and pass blocking over last season. Some people don’t think that Dockery is going to make a difference, but they fail to realize that he was on the offensive line in 2005 when the Redskins won their last 5 games to get into the playoffs and was a valuable member of that group.

Also, it was in the offseason, after that playoff year, that Dockery was signed by the Buffalo Bills to a multi-million dollar contract. Someone must have thought that he was a good offensive lineman.

Also, the young Wide Receivers in Kelly and Thomas will improve this year and take a load off Santana Moss and Antwaan Randle El.

Coach Zorn,s offence has to improve this year and put more points on the board, if the Redskins are to be a force in the NFC east and compete for a much awaited trip to the playoffs or any potential trip to the 2009 Super Bowl.

The Defense this year should improve over last season because of the additions of rooky Brian Orakpo at line backer and defense end, and (“Big Daddy”) Albert Haynesworth coming up the middle to stuff the run. The Defense should be ranked at a higher level than last year.

Well, I guess after all that being said, I need to predict what I think will we be the Washington Redskin’s Record for the upcoming 2009 season. 

I need to precede this anticipated record with the statement that we MUST BE FORTUNATE enough to be HEALTHY through-out the season if we can ever thing about winning the NFC east and securing a bid to the playoffs.

PRE-SEASON         LOSE      WIN

8/13  RAVENS                          X

8/22 STEELERS           X

8/28  PATRIOTS           X

9/3   JAGUARS                           X              PRE-SEASON RECORD 2-2



9/13  GIANTS                X

9/20   RAMS                             X

9/27   LIONS                             X

10/14 BUCCABEERS                    X

10/11  PANTHERS           X



10/18   CHIEFS                        X

10/28   EAGLES             X

11/8     FALCONS                      X

11/15   BRONCOS                      X

11/22    COWBOYS                     X      (GIVE ME A HIP, HIP, HORAY!)

11/29   EAGLES                         X

12/6     SAINTS                         X

12/12    RAIIDERS                       X

12/12    GIANTS                          X

12/27    COWBOYS               X

1/3        CHARGERS               X         

                                                                       REGULAR SEASON RECORD 12-4

There you have it, a pretty bold prediction and anticipation, but I have to believe, that it’s finally got to be our year guys. We can’t stand the pain and despair any longer. We are due to get back on top and become a perennial achieving Team.  This is what every FAN ANTISIPATES!   

How about it? Give me a good old “HIP, HIP, HORAY!!!