Why Europeans Really Love Soccer So Much

william beovichContributor IJune 26, 2009

LONDON - APRIL 01:  David Beckham of England gestures during the FIFA 2010 World Cup Group 6 Qualifying match between England and Ukraine at Wembley Stadium on April 1, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Soccer is the "World's Sport" and this is because of one reason..... it's the only sport the world can beat the United States in.

Since the beginning of our existence the world has hated what the United States has stood for, freedom, equal rights.... such garbage right?

Soccer is too America what christmas gift's were to the who people of whoville.....nothing. And just as the grinch found out, taking something away from us that doesn't mean anything to us won't stop us from being the best in the rest. We'll just continue increasing our greatness over the world in the other sports.

Baseball the U.S. clearly has the most dominate league, and don't give me any of this WBC garbage because that's all it is. When it comes down to it. The U.S. would win. Get over it Cuba.

Basketball, yes that's right world we have you a quick glimpse of hope, only to have the redeem team whoop your butt's all over the floor in China. So yea, chalk up another one to the Great U.S of A.

Football... THE REAL FOOTBALL the one played with pads, uprights and endzones. Come on, do I really even need to begin to explain this. The best American high Schools could have beaten the European league teams.

So what did the world decide? They decided that they would pick on us in the only sport that quite frankly 95% of Americans could care less about. Soccer. And quite frankly they aren't doing that good of a job in "destroying us."

As I already stated we would crush in the other major sports and soccer while yes most times we will lose, it wouldn't be as embarrasing as the world playing us in other sports.

Quick side-notebefore I continue.... How you feeling Spain? Are you okay? I mean you just lost to the country that is probably hated more around the world than anywhere else. But hey it's okay it isn't like this is the only sport you can beat us in......

The world prides themselves on their great "futbol' teams and how they are so tremendous. Well you know what you can keep your Real Madrid's and Manchester United's. Give me my New York Yankees or New York Giants anyday.

America just doesn't care enough for a sport that prides itself on flopping. And how god forbid you hit a guy too hard, your team is down a man the rest of the game and you can't play in the next one. No thank you, give me real contact sports please.

America is the toughest country in the world and only the toughest people can play the real sports like Football, Baseball and Basketball.

So I say again, the world can keep their 2nd class version of football. I'll take the great United States of America's way...... ANYDAY!


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