All-MLB Social Media Team

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterMay 17, 2014

All-MLB Social Media Team

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    As with their abilities on the field, not all athletes on social media are created equal. Some are absolute DOA busts, some are streaky and occasionally great and others always seem to rise to the occasion and never let us down. 

    NBA players are the most predictably entertaining group, which puts them on the exact opposite side of the spectrum as NHL players, who, with the exception of Paul Bissonnette, are universally dull. MLB players on social media are, by and large, a very unpredictable bunch. 

    Overall, there are more duds than studs, but there’s at least one baseball team’s worth of social media all-stars in Major League Baseball. And here they are. 

Right Fielder

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    Player: Yasiel Puig 

    Position, Team: OF, Los Angeles Dodgers 

    Twitter: @YasielPuig

    Instagram: @puigyasiel

    Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig tweets part time in Spanish, which isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t matter that much because he’s much more of a superstar on Instagram. Puig posts several times each day, and while they’re not all winners (like the cake), overall his photos are pretty entertaining. 

Center Fielder

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    Player: Torii Hunter

    Position, Team: OF, Detroit Tigers 

    Twitter: @toriihunter48

    Instagram: @tnutts48

    The Detroit Tigers' Torii Hunter is certainly not immune to the irritating social media habits that seem to plague athletes. Let’s just say he posts his share of motivational posters. In fact, he posts a lot of people’s shares of motivational posters. That being said, he mixes it up enough to forgive that kind of nonsense. This #TBT photo is epic. 

Left Fielder

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    Player: Domonic Brown 

    Position, Team: OF, Philadelphia Phillies 

    Twitter: @dom9brown

    Instagram: @domonicbrown

    The Philadelphia Phillies' Domonic Brown is never on Twitter, so don’t even bother with that. His Instagram, on the other hand, is regularly updated and with almost always great stuff. Then again, this photo of Brown and the Phillie Phanatic could be the only thing he ever posted to social media and he’d still be a superstar. 


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    Player: Jose Reyes 

    Position, Team: SS, Toronto Blue Jays 

    Twitter: @lamelaza_7

    Instagram: @lamelaza_7

    The Toronto Blue Jays' Jose Reyes has, essentially, everything I look for on social media. He updates regularly. He makes very good use of the Emoji keyboard. He posts interesting photos of actual things rather than stupid motivational sayings and spirit animals. Reyes is definitely a standout social media superstar. 

Third Base

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    Player: K.J. Franklin 

    Position, Team: 3B, Cincinnati Reds/Rookie Arizona League 

    Twitter: @RealKJ44

    The only minor leaguer to make the list of starters, Cincinnati Reds rookie prospect K.J. Franklin is hilarious and one of my favorite people on Twitter. Unfortunately, he is not on Instagram, but he really needs to be. I’m actually thinking about starting a petition. I’ll keep you posted. 

Second Base

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    Player: Brandon Phillips 

    Position, Team: 2B, Cincinnati Reds

    Twitter: @DatDudeBP

    Instagram: @datdudebp

    If you’re not already following Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips on Twitter and Instagram...stop...I can’t even. Phillips interacts with fans regularly and last month retweeted this photo, which is obviously one of the greatest things in the history of sports, if not the world. 

First Base

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    Player: Mike Napoli

    Position, Team: 1B, Boston Red Sox 

    Twitter: @MikeNapoli25

    Instagram: @mikenapoli25

    Boston Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli may not be as amazingly and/or patriotically dressed as teammate Jonny Gomes—then again, who is?—but he and his beard are both social media juggernauts. In fact, I recently noticed that you can trace the entire evolution of his beard on Instagram. 


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    Player: Russell Martin 

    Position, Team: C, Pittsburgh Pirates 

    Twitter: @russellmartin55

    Instagram: @russellmartin55


    Truth be told, MLB catchers worth following on social media are few and far between. Having spent far too much time researching the subject, the only one worth following is the Pittsburgh Pirates' Russell Martin. That being said, Martin has yet to truly reach all-star status. He’s got potential, though. 

Starting Pitcher

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    Player: C.J. Wilson

    Position, Team: P, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 

    Twitter: @str8edgeracer

    Instagram: @cjwilsonphoto

    Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson is one of the most active and entertaining athletes on social media. He’s not quite NBA-level entertaining, because those guys are just fantastic, but he’s got bits and pieces working for him. Bits and pieces, in Wilson’s case, are his stunning wife and beyond adorable dog. He’s not too bad, either. 


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    What's he doing with Pat Sajack?
    What's he doing with Pat Sajack?Uncredited/Associated Press

    Name: Joe Maddon

    Position, Team: Manager, Tampa Bay Rays

    Twitter: @RaysJoeMaddon

    Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is a rarity: a man in his 60s who has embraced social media. Not only does he have his own regularly updated Twitter account, he’s also got one for his bulldog, Winston C. Maddon


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    Player: D. Baxter The Bobcat

    Position, Team: Mascot, Arizona Diamondbacks 

    Twitter: @DbacksBaxter

    Instagram: @dbacksbaxter

    Who knows what a bobcat has to do with Diamondbacks, but apparently they’re pretty common in Arizona. Of all MLB mascots on social media, and there’s a lot, D. Baxter The Bobcat is definitely the most entertaining and adventurous. He’s well traveled and has many sports interests outside of baseball. 


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    Uncredited/Associated Press

    Player: David Price

    Position, Team: P, Tampa Bay Rays 

    Twitter: @DAVIDprice14


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    Player: Robinson Cano

    Position, Team: 2B, Seattle Mariners

    Twitter: @RobinsonCano

    Instagram: @robinsoncano


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    Player: Felix Hernandez

    Position, Team: P, Mariners

    Twitter: @RealKingFelix

    Instagram: @miajeremy


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    Player: Justin Verlander 

    Position, Team: P, Detroit Tigers

    Twitter: @JustinVerlander

    Instagram: @justinverlander


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    Player: Jose Bautista 

    Position, Team: OF, Toronto Blue Jays 

    Twitter: @JoeyBats19

    Instagram: @joeybats19


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    Player: Alex Newman 

    Position, Team: OF, Kansas City Royals/Rookie Appalachian League 

    Twitter: @_AlexNewman24

    Instagram: @_alexnewman24


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    Player: George Kontos

    Position, Team: RP, San Francisco Giants 

    Twitter: @G_Kontos

    Instagram: @g_kontos


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    Player: Tom Koehler

    Position, Team: P, Miami Marlins

    Twitter: @TKREFRESH22

    Instagram: @tkrefresh22


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    Player: Giancarlo Stanton

    Position, Team: OF, Miami Marlins 

    Twitter: @Giancarlo818

    Instagram: @giancarlo818


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    Player: Matt Kemp

    Position, Team: OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

    Twitter: @TheRealMattKemp

    Instagram: @bmdc27


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    Player: Jason Kipnis

    Position, Team: 2B, Cleveland Indians

    Twitter: @TheJK_Kid

    Instagram: @jasonkipnis22


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    Player: Andrew McCutchen 

    Position, Team: OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

    Twitter: @TheCUTCH22

    Instagram: @thecutch22


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    Player: DJ Kitty

    Position, Team: Mascot, Tampa Bay Rays 

    Twitter: @RaysDJKitty


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    Player: Hanley Ramirez 

    Position, Team: SS, Los Angeles Dodgers

    Twitter: @HanleyRamirez

    Instagram: @hanleyramirez13


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    Player: Carlos Gomez

    Position, Team: OF, Milwaukee Brewers

    Twitter: @C_Gomez27

    Instagram: @c_gomez27


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    Player: Wally

    Position, Team: Mascot, Boston Red Sox

    Twitter: @Wally97

    Instagram: @wallyredsox