Conspiracy Theories in Denver: What Josh McDaniels Is Really Thinking

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IJune 24, 2009

ENGLEWOOD, CO - JUNE 12:  Quarterback Tom Brandstater #3 of the Denver Broncos warms up during minicamp practice at the Broncos Dove Valley training facility on June 12, 2009 in Englewood, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

This year many things have been said about Josh Mcdaniels: He doesn't know how to run a team, he's ruining the Denver Broncos,  he's setting up the Broncos for a year of mediocrity. Very few positive things have been said about McDaniels, aside from a few loyal fans who would follow the Broncos to the depths of hell.

But what if Mcdaniels knows exactly what hes doing and has been following a thought-out plan from the beginning. 

What if Jay Cutler wasn't part of his plan for the Broncos future.

Here, let me explain.

He started out as a highschool QB and a college WR eventually making his way to the Patriots as a personal assistant in 2001. He began working his way up the ranks of the organization. 

In 2004 Charlie Weis left the Patriots, though not officially named to the position, Mcdaniels was the one calling plays from the sidelines now.

In 2006, 2007, and 2008 Mcdaniels was officially the Patriots offensive coordinator leading an offense that set multiple records: 1st in scoring, 1st in points, 1st in TD passes and the emergence of Matt Cassel—the only known NFL quarterback ever to start an NFL game without ever starting at quarterback in college.

Earlier this year Mcdaniels was named head coach of the Denver Broncos.

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This year his first big move was dealing away Jay Cutler for a lesser QB and two first round draft picks. I would say dealing away an unhappy Jay Cutler was well worth what the Broncos received in return.

So, how was this all part of Mcdaniels' plans, simple.

Jay Cutler was Mike Shanahan's QB molded to fit into Shanahan's system, and Mcdaniels would rather mold his own young QB. Instead of one who has already developed his own set of habits and playing style. And, Mcdaniels at-least believes hes been responsible for the development of two young late-round draft picks—Tom Brady and Matt Cassell.

Just think, is it a coincidence that Mcdaniels joined the Patriots in 2001, the same year Brady first took over the Patriots starting 15 games? Mcdaniels obviously doesn't think so. And now he wants to mold Tom Brandstater to fit into his system and become the next Tom Brady. Another coincidence both Tom Brandstater and Tom Brady are 6th round draft picks.

Will it be just a coincedence when Brandstater takes over in his second year like Brady did?

But why not mold Orton or Simms to be the next Tom Brady? Also simple.

Like Cutler, Orton is not Mcdaniels QB and neither is Chris Simms. Orton has already been developed by a defensive minded coach, and Simms is just some guy who couldn't cut it in Tampa Bay. While Tom, unlike the other two, is young, impressionable and can be molded into whatever Mcdaniels likes.

The attempted Cassell trade further backs up this logic as Cassell is a QB Mcdaniels helped develop.

Next on to the Brandon Marshall thing. 

This may also fall into his plan.

Brandon Marshall by many accounts is a selfish, thuggish, violent, a me first-type player. If he can be dealt away for maximum compensation, in draft picks next year, not only does this help Mcdaniels plans for Tom Brandstater's "coming out party" next year,  but it gets rid of one of "Mike Shannahan's guys" and a locker room nuisance.

But what are Mcdaniels plans for this year? Once again simple.

Mcdaniels is going to do his best to compete with what he has, while developing Tom Brandstater. 

As far fetched as it may seem whats to say this isn't what Mcdaniels is doing in Denver,  I would like to know what Broncos fans think of this.