Tennessee Titans Mock Draft: Final 7-Round Predictions

Chad Minton@@chad_mintonCorrespondent IMay 5, 2014

Tennessee Titans Mock Draft: Final 7-Round Predictions

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    After months of hype, the draft is finally less than a week away. The Tennessee Titans have the 11th overall pick, and it's still completely up for debate on what they'll choose to do when they're on the clock.

    The Titans are under a lot of change with head coach Ken Whisenhunt bringing in a new coaching staff to replace the departed Mike Munchak.

    It really does mark a new era for Titans football as we've come to know it since they've been in Tennessee. This draft class will add even more change to this roster than it's already seen since the end of last season.

    The Titans made their fair share of moves in free agency to narrow down the scenarios. There's still a wide range of possibilities, even including a quarterback in the first round.

    There will definitely not be a lack of suspense and surprise in this year's draft for the Titans.

    Here's your final mock draft for the Titans, and there's plenty of room for debate.

Round 1: Anthony Barr (OLB, UCLA)

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    Barr recorded 10 sacks in 2013 for UCLA.
    Barr recorded 10 sacks in 2013 for UCLA.USA TODAY Sports

    The popular pick for the Titans has been Anthony Barr out of UCLA. He would add more firepower to a pass rush that has already greatly improved from last season. 

    You can never have too many bodies flying to the quarterback in a 3-4 defense. The Titans will be looking to put a ton of pressure onto opposing quarterbacks, and Barr will add tremendously to that ability.

    Barr also has a very high ceiling. He's only been playing linebacker for two years, and he's already a first-round talent at his position. He will only get better under the right defensive coaches.

    If Barr makes even a moderate impact in his rookie season, then the pass rush for the Titans will keep them in a lot of games. They'll be able to finally start building an identity again.

    This pick just makes more sense and is more safe than any other player that will be on the board at this point. Cornerback doesn't make sense here thanks to what is already on the depth chart, and no quarterback in this draft class is worth gambling on in the case of the Titans. They're not that desperate at quarterback.

    Barr will almost certainly be available for the Titans. He's projected as the 25th pick by both Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN.com. He's as close to a home run as the Titans are going to find at the 11th pick.

Round 2: Zach Mettenberger (QB, LSU)

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    Mettenberger threw 35 career TDs at LSU.
    Mettenberger threw 35 career TDs at LSU.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    It's hard to find a reason for the Titans to gamble on one of these quarterbacks with their first-round pick, but they definitely need to take a quarterback at some point. 

    The quarterback they take doesn't necessarily have to be primed and ready to go for Week 1. He can be somewhat of a project quarterback, and Zach Mettenberger fits here.

    If the Titans had a third-round pick, then waiting until the third round to take a quarterback would maybe make more sense. Since they currently don't have a third-round pick, they'll need to get one in the second round.

    The Titans didn't pick up Jake Locker's option for 2015, according to Marc Sessler of NFL.com. There's just not a lot of faith in Locker with the new coaching staff, and that means they're going to get a guy that will be able to at least challenge for the starting role heading into 2015.

    Mettenberger had a great year despite his left knee injury that came in the last game of the 2013 regular season. If you can put that aside, then Mettenberger's strong arm and proven poise in the pocket should be enough to gamble a second-round pick. 

    That's not even mentioning Mettenberger's 6'5" frame that is perfect for a pocket passer in the NFL.

    If Locker ends up having a solid 2014 season, then the Titans will have a good problem to have at quarterback heading into 2015. That problem will be a healthy competition at quarterback.

Round 4: Jeremy Hill (RB, LSU)

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    Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Don't be thrown off by the two straight LSU picks. This coincidence is very possible considering what needs the Titans have right now.

    Who knows what will come off the board in the third round, when the Titans currently don't have a pick. If it stays that way, then Jeremy Hill might still be an option in the fourth round for the Titans to solidify their rushing attack after the loss of Chris Johnson.

    The Titans are shifting toward a running-back-by-committee situation in 2014, but they still need to find a guy that can carry the load in the future. They don't currently have a guy that can be the No. 1 option every week at running back. 

    Hill is a bruiser that the Titans need to go alongside Shonn Greene and Dexter McCluster. However, Hill also has underrated speed, according to his scouting report on CBSSports.com.

    The Titans do have Jackie Battle still in the mix, but he seems likely to be cut at some point before the regular season starts. There's no room for him if the Titans draft a running back.

    This pick would give the Titans a formidable stable of running backs heading into next season and possibly make forgetting about Johnson that much easier.

Round 5: Rashaad Reynolds (CB, Oregon State)

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    USA TODAY Sports

    This is where the Titans add some depth to cornerback after losing Alterraun Verner in free agency. The Titans already have their immediate replacements to Verner with Coty Sensabaugh and Blidi Wreh-Wilson. They don't need to waste an early-round draft pick on a position that they're already set at.

    However, adding depth is important. Rashaad Reynolds is the perfect guy to play as a backup and develop into a possible starter.

    Reynolds is undersized but doesn't lack in toughness. He's the type of guy that could easily win himself a starting role within a season or two. He's an all-around talent that could be molded into an NFL starter.

    The Titans could take Reynolds here and be safe with the depth at cornerback moving forward. He's just the 20th-rated cornerback in the draft class, according to DraftTek.com, so the Titans could have a shot at him all the way back in the fifth round. It would be a steal.

    This is all assuming that the faith that has been displayed in Sensabaugh and Wreh-Wilson is warranted. They both have played well when their numbers have been called up to this point.

Round 6: A.C. Leonard (TE, Tennessee State)

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    Michael Conroy/Associated Press

    It's not being talked about much, but the Titans are thin at tight end right now. Delanie Walker has appeared to be a great addition from last offseason, but there's a lack of offensive threats after that.

    Walker is even somewhat limited as a pass-catching tight end. You also have Craig Stevens and Taylor Thompson, who were both virtually nonexistent on the field in 2013.

    The Titans need to add one more weapon to their quarterback's disposal.

    Rob Rang of CBSSports.com has A.C. Leonard as a potential "diamond in the rough" type of player. Those are the types of players you typically find in the sixth round or later.

    Leonard brings the perfect physical frame for the position, and it would not be a huge risk taking him this late in the draft. His off-field issues are concerning, but he's worth a look later in the draft. He could end up becoming a nice complement to Walker.

Round 7: Ken Bishop (DT, Northern Illinois)

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    The Titans will be looking to add depth here at any position possible. Defensive tackle is a position that still needs pieces once you look past Jurrell Casey.

    After Casey, there are plenty of question marks. 

    Ken Bishop would be a good late-round choice to add to the defensive line rotation. Bishop is considered a possible rotational player to help stop the run, according to Nolan Nawrocki of NFL.com.

    You don't have to shoot for the moon with this pick. The Titans just need to go get a guy that has the tools to get better and come in to compete for a roster spot.

    This pick would give the Titans plenty of options on the defensive line heading into training camp in July.