Dan Reeves Says Matt Stafford Should Have Stayed in School One More Year

John Breech@@johnbreechCorrespondent IJune 23, 2009

Former NFL Head Coach Dan Reeves thinks Matthew Stafford, the first overall pick in this year's draft, should have stayed in school.

While addressing a crowd of just over 200 people Tuesday morning (6/23) at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek, Ga., Reeves turned some heads with his thoughts on Stafford, the top pick in April's NFL draft. 

"I just thought he should have taken another year [in school]," the former Falcons, Broncos and Giants coach told the crowd. "He was a true junior. If you look at [Joe] Flacco or [Matt] Ryan, they have one thing in common, they were there (in school) at least four years."

Reeves, who is a native of Georgia, followed Stafford's career closely at UGA.

The former Cowboys Assistant Coach let everyone in attendance know his thoughts on what an extra year could have done for Stafford, "One more year in college doesn't sound like a lot, but it is, especially when it comes to maturity at the quarterback position."

The man who coached John Elway for 10 seasons also thinks Stafford may have a hard time winning a Super Bowl in Motown. "Detroit is going to be a difficult place for him to win," Reeves said. "And I say this as affectionately as possible, but people don't want to live in Detroit." That statement received a hearty laugh from an admiring crowd.

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Reeves was quick to add that he wasn't necessarily making fun of the city, it was just that most players in his experience don't want to be up there. "Guys don't want to spend the offseason there [in Detroit]," the one-time Cowboys running back said.

"When [the players] play that last game, they're ready to leave Detroit, their bags are already packed, they're not staying."

Reeves' point was that it's going to be hard for Stafford to keep guys in town during the offseason, an important time for QB's to get in a rhythm with the rest of the team.

However, Reeves did say that Stafford is definitely capable of turning the Lions around, "If anyone can do it [win games in Detroit], Matthew can, but it is going to be difficult because of where he ended up."

The complete story on Dan Reeves' appearance will be available here on Sunday. For a less serious take on this story, you can check out my blog.

(Photo by John Breech)

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