TNA Sacrifice 2014 Results: Winners, Grades, Twitter Reaction and Analysis

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIApril 28, 2014

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Titles changed hands, but not much else with TNA's product on Sunday.

The TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, had its share of awesome in-ring action but was devoid of some of the other qualities that make for a complete show.

Check out the results below to see who kept their titles, who went home as a loser and how Twitter reacted to the happenings.

(c) BroMans vs. The Wolves (Three-on-Two TNA Tag Team Championship Match)

The pay-per-view opened with a match that put the TNA tag team titles on the line. Instead of a traditional match featuring two-on-two action, this match was made a three-on-two handicap match by Christy Hemme just before the scrapping began.

Ordered by new director of operations MVP, the move was obviously done to give the BroMans an edge. It didn't work.

The Wolves were at their high-flying best.

Robbie E, Jessie and DJ Z couldn't capitalize on an edge in the numbers game. After myriad ridiculous (in a good way) double-team moves, The Wolves scored the huge win to reclaim the tag titles.

The highlight of the match was a powerbomb backstabber and a double-double foot stomp. These guys could perform for any promotion and shine.

Chris Regal of TNAMecca was impressed:

Davey Richards of The Wolves posted this tweet after the match was over:

The only thing that could have made this match better was a more spirited call from the announce team. Taz was decent, but Michael Tenay announced the title changing hands like the guys were changing shoes.

If titles are going to matter, announcers and such have to make it sound like they're important.

Winners: The Wolves

Grade: A-

Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw (Committed Match)

Shaw's Mark Wahlberg-in-Fear angle is getting a little old. That's especially the case since whenever he talks, his mic work fails to put over the gimmick.

He kind of looks like Crispin Glover on an intense version of P90X.

The match itself was just OK. Anderson and Shaw tried to spice up the in-ring (and out-of-ring) action, but this scrap was pretty basic. That was especially the case following The Wolves.

There was the requisite interaction with Hemme, the object of Shaw's obsession. The objective was to push the opponent into the back of a padded van.

A Mic Check from Anderson gave him the advantage he needed to hoist Shaw into the padded vehicle, and this one came to an end. The crowd wasn't exactly at a fever pitch during this match.

YouTube personality Justin Robar tweeted:

At one point, Mr. Anderson was battering Shaw on the entrance ramp. He yelled, "We're gonna go for a little ride." Almost as clear as Anderson's remark, you could hear a fan say, "Can I come?"

Welp, at least they're participating.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Grade: C

Kurt Angle and Willow vs. EC3 and Spud

This match was long on star power but short on memorable action. Willow is perhaps the worst alter ego ever created for an amazing performer such as Jeff Hardy.

He's still phenomenal in the ring, but he really looks uninspired these days. Wrestling journalist Joshua Modaberi did capture this oddly intriguing image of Willow just before the match began:

The match went over as most would expect, with Angle and Willow dominating most of the action.

The purpose of this program was to further develop a feud between Angle and EC3.

Judging by the chants of "boring" that could be heard in the arena, I'm not sure how much interest there is in that feud.

Winners: Kurt Angle and Willow

Grade: C

(c) Sanada vs. Tigre Uno (X-Division Championship, Match 3)

I like the idea of a best-of-three series being stretched out over multiple programs. It's especially cool when the series features two talented in-ring performers such as Sanada and Tigre Uno.

The series was tied at 1-1 coming in, so this was the rubber match. Sanada came out on top after avoiding the Sabertooth Splash and quickly hitting the decisive moonsault to retain the title.

There were so many awesomely executed sequences in this one, I couldn't begin to mention them all. The best move didn't even come from the winner. Tigre Uno nailed a high-cradle-brainbuster combo that was spectacular and dangerous.

Both of these guys would have the most awesome movesets in a wrestling video game.

We Are Wrestling appreciated the technical wizardry:

Perhaps the announcing highlight of the night occurred in this match.

Tigre Uno knocked Sanada off the top rope, forcing him to land in a vulnerable area. Taz said, "Uno just landed on his duo." 

Immature, but funny.

Winner: Sanada

Grade: A

James Storm vs. Gunner (I Quit Match)

Storm and Gunner are two of the best performers in the promotion. Their feud is the best angle TNA has going. The two have done great work when matched against each other.

This one was predictably brutal. Gunner came out on top, but it's fair to say both men need to find that milk bath Angelina Jolie and Co. used in the movie Wanted.

After several high-impact (see what I did there) maneuvers, Storm smashed Gunner with a shot from his signature beer bottle. 

Storm followed that up with a Boston Crab and a series of lashes across the back with a belt.

For a moment, it seemed like we were watching an old-school ECW match. That's a good thing.

Gunner wouldn't say the magic words, no matter how much punishment he took.

Finally, he turned the tide and hit three-straight Hangar 18s. The real fun began then.

How about a superplex through a guard rail propped up on two chairs? Oh no he didn't. Yes, he did.

To finish it off, Gunner threatened Storm with a shard of glass from the broken beer bottle to get him to say I quit.

Brandon Cuttino gave the match its just due:

Here's an interview with Gunner after his savage victory.

Winner: Gunner

Grade: A

(c) Madison Rayne vs. Angelina (Knockouts Championship)

Six times! Six times! Angelina dethroned Madison to win the title for the sixth time in her career. 

But it wasn't a clean win.

Velvet Sky sprayed hair spray in the eyes of Madison to give Angelina the drop on the champion. This marked the first win for a heel on the show.

Austin Buckner rejoiced for the bad guys:

To put it plainly, this was like a WWE Divas match. Make of that what you will.

Winner: Angelina

Grade: C-

Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray (Tables Match)

This could have been an amazing match, but instead, it was just an eh moment in the event.

The two excellent stars engaged in a back-and-forth affair throughout most of the match. Using an awesomely executed powerbomb, Bully Ray put Roode through a table, but the referee was knocked out in the process. Roode's swinging foot decked the referee.

Bully Ray remained in control for several minutes after the referee was out. The ref must have sustained the most serious injury inflicted by a human foot. He never gained his bearings.

Bully kept up his assault on Roode. He set up his man on the table outside the ring. Ray proceeded to go to the top rope with intentions to crash through Roode and the table.

Just before his planned descent, a person dressed as a ringside technician pushed Bully through the table as Roode escaped.

That "mystery" person was none other than TNA head woman Dixie Carter. Answer The Ten had an interesting description of Carter's disguise:

Carter herself tweeted about her "sacrifice":

This was obviously retribution for Bully's actions at TNA Invasion. It just didn't seem like a fitting end to a pretty solid match. It also doesn't seem like a very compelling direction to take this angle.

Oh well.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Grade: B

(c) Eric Young vs. Magnus (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Young is a great performer, as is Magnus, but it's painful to see how much of a rip-off EY's angle is of the WWE's Daniel Bryan.

The big boys pretty much have the short, bearded everyman market covered. Young and Magnus are both too good to have to be put over in this manner.

I digress.

The match itself was exciting. There were several awesome sequences with reversals and big-time moves. In the end, Young remained the champion with a clean win over Magnus.

The challenger grabbed a crowbar, but the referee took it from him before he could clock Young with it.

Young used that situation to take control of the match. He hit Magnus with his signature piledriver. Magnus kicked out, but Young added another one and a flying elbow to put Magnus down for good.

TNA tweeted this image of the champ:

It wasn't a bad main event, if you can get beyond the less-than-original packaging of the victor.

Adam Martin of WrestleView has the same struggle:

Winner: Eric Young

Grade: A-


This was a decent show that hardcore TNA fans likely had a love-hate relationship with. There were elements that remind you of what you love about the promotion, and some that likely cause frustration.

Show Grade: B-

Follow me. I go back like Larry Zbyszko and B. Brian Blair.


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