Fantasy Information: Who will Quarterback the Cleveland Browns Offense?

Sean E. Douglas@@seanfantasyinfoSenior Writer IIIJune 21, 2009

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 23:  Brady Quinn #10 of the Cleveland Browns is pictured during the NFL game against the Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns Stadium on November 23, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.  He was replaced in the second half by Derek Anderson .(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Cleveland Browns offense ended the season on a major low. In the last six games of the season they did not have one single touchdown as an offensive unit. While this output was a total disaster, one can only point to Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson's injuries as part of the reason why.

By seasons end, the Browns finished 31st in passing with a horrible 148.8 yards per game. They also finished the season third worst in scoring at 14.5 points per contest. These numbers were way down from their successful 2007 campaign, when they had 239.9 yard passing per game and scored 25.1 points a game.

Last summer it was widely believed that fantasy owners should stay away from the Browns as they might bust. Most analysts sited the reasons being that teams would be ready for Cleveland in '08 and the Browns had the 7th hardest strength of schedule in football.

But no one could have honestly predicted this offensive juggernaut from '07 would fall this hard.

Time for Change in Cleveland

This off-season the Browns fired head coach Romeo Crennel and hired then hired Eric Mangini. Eric had just been recently fired from the New York Jets after their meltdown in December, that cost them a trip to the playoffs.

While I still believe Mangini is a good coach, it remains to be scene if he has what it takes to turn this team around.

Eric definitely got off to a good start by signing Rob Ryan as his defensive coordinator. Oddly enough Rob's brother was Mangini's replacement as head coach in New York.

With these connections it is no wonder that the Browns traded out of the 5th pick to the Jets, for defensive players and extra picks in the draft. Because Eric coached the players he traded for, one must believe he knows what he is getting in return for the fifth pick.

Browns have a 34 year old rookie offensive coordinator

Mangini's choice for offensive coordinator is probably going to be his make or break decision in his coaching staff. Brian Daboll worked with Eric as his quarterbacks coach in New York and was a defensive coach with Bill Belichick before that. Now he has bee given the keys to the offensive coordinator position in Cleveland.

"Both of them have been in early and out late. They're working extremely hard. They're competitive with one another. They're learning the system the best they can. There's some mistakes out there and some other days they're doing really well. Right now it's an open competition. The best player is going to win." - Brian Daboll on his quarterbacks

While Daboll is inexperienced, I believe you will see him call a style of offense
that is similar to the Jets last season. This means they will probably attempt to run first and throw second.

Only problem with that philosophy is the Browns need to prove they can play shut down defense, to run this style consistently.

If they struggle and get behind, then they will be force to throw the football to come from behind.

Dereck Anderson and Brady Quinn

While Daboll will give all of us the usual, "it's open competition at quarterback" routine all summer, one has to believe that it is Brady Quinn time in Cleveland.

This will be Brady's third season on the team and I believe he can give them the juice they need in the offense. That juice will come from running a more up tempo style of offense and better leadership on the field.

While Derek Anderson did have a terrific '07 campaign, at times he can seem a bit lethargic on the field. He just doesn't seem to have that passion and fire, that players need to see from their leader.

Especially when times are tough, you need a captain that can kick a player (Braylon Edwards) in the butt when they deserve it.

To me Brady Quinn posses those attributes and has good skills as well. But until he is crowned as a starter on this team, no one is going to follow a guy that is riding the pine.

Right now the only reason I see the Brown not going with Quinn, is because it is trendy in the NFL to start a veteran over a youngster these days. Just look at the Titans or the Cardinals situations. These teams went with savoy veterans and it paid off big time.

Fantasy Information for the Browns Quarterbacks

At best either quarterback is only late round backup in most fantasy formates at your fantasy draft. But I do believe who ever becomes the starter should become more valuable, as the season moves along.

Written By- Sean E. Douglas:

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