Steroid Allegations on WWE Superstar Batista: The Real Story!

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 20, 2009

For about seven years now, we have seen a man by the name of Batista in the WWE. He got his start with D-Von Dudley as a "deacon" during Dudley's minister gimmick. Not a good gimmick, but none the less he did have it.

Batista really had nowhere to go after Dudley moved away from the gimmick and the WWE couldn't use him on SmackDown! much anymore.

Then, we saw him make his way to WWE RAW, where he joined the now infamous faction, Evolution. The stable was made up of the legendary Ric Flair, the young, talented upstart Randy Orton, the Animal Batista, and the Game Triple H.

They started making RAW a living hell for all. They dominated the entire brand and won every single title on the show: the Tag Team, Intercontinental, and of course the World Heavyweight Title.

We saw Triple H dominate like always and basically use this group to elevate himself, but that didn't sit well with Orton or even Batista. Orton left the group first, then Batista saw the light.

From there, we saw him win multiple World Titles, even taking the World Heavyweight titlefrom Triple H, before going to SmackDown!. He has dominated up until this day in the WWE, and the entire time he has been a big, muscular man.

This was something that people wondered about. We saw this big guy who looked like he had to be “on” something.

Now, as many people know, the WWE will suspend or even release steroid users, no matter how popular they are in the company.

They do not want this cloud hovering around them anymore, and we all know Vince McMahon does not want to go on trial again. So its either him or the ‘roid abuser, and who do you think Vinny Mac is going to pick? HIMSELF (and his company), obviously.

So if Batista was on something, a suspension could be handed down or even a release could come. Neither has ever happened to Batista.

Many think that because there has never been any documented discipline to Batista, the WWE is actually covering up suspensions by making up an "injury" so he could leave.

People also think that that Batista's absences have been caused by actual injuries, but are because of steroid use.

They cite his torn triceps, which happened twice before to him, as a common injury among steroid users, whose disproportionate muscle mass overloads tendons.

Once, he tore his triceps was during a match at the March 1, 2003 live event in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Then, a few weeks later during rehab, he re-tore it "in a freak accident while jogging with his wife," according to WWE.com. Because of this, Batista would be sidelined until October of ‘03.

It just seemed too weird; who the hell tears a triceps while jogging? It would have to be a truly freak accident, like they were hit by a semi-truck or something.

Now, because it was still not in the best shape at the time, his triceps was easily able to be torn again. So, even if it was just some common, daily activity involving the triceps, and nothing too hard on them, the injury could still be aggravated.

So, we cannot jump to conclusions and say it was just a story to hide the real truth.

Many think it is just bad luck for Batista that he keeps hurting himself and is out for long periods of time with them.

Many think it is weird that they release a guy like Ken Kennedy, who was considered "injury prone", yet they do not release Batista, who has been in the WWE longer of course, but has been out more time for injuries than Kennedy.

Speaking of Mr. Kennedy, we cannot blame him for being off TV. He could have pulled an Orton, and come back ringside on a regular basis to talk until he was able to compete.

However, the WWE kept him off TV. They actually did bring him back to talk, but it was only to pimp his new DVD, Behind Enemy Lines 3, which I thought was pretty good. It didn't sell very well however, but you can't expect straight to DVD sales to go extremely well.

But back to the Animal...

Batista is not in the best of health, and because his body is so big, he cannot take the in-ring work much longer. This is why he is really considering retirement in the spring of 2010 when his WWE contract expires.

He is 40 years old, and when you are as big as Batista is and have an injury-checkered past, you just can't expect the body to not get any worse.

However, we also cannot jump to steroid use with him because of his injuries; people do tear the same areas that he has injured even if they are not on the juice.

A triceps tear is a very painful injury; I am not on steroids and I have done it before. So I know it is possible to get a triceps tear without being on performance enhancers.

Batista’s current injury is to his biceps.

He tore his biceps three weeks before the Extreme Rules PPV. They found out he needed surgery the following week of the injury, and he would have it the Tuesday after the PPV.

The idea of a cover up for a steroid issue seems a bit off in this particular instance, because Batista really did have surgery in Birmingham, Alabama. It was done by the renowned Dr. James Andrews.

I am not thinking the WWE would use a real surgery to cover up something. Batista needed the surgery to repair his biceps, so obviously he got it.

It is not said to be something that will keep him out long. Jim Ross says four months, but many think two or three. You can't really trust everything JR says because he naturally kayfabes everything about the WWE.

So he would say four because Batista will be a Superman-like figure if he comes back weeks sooner than anticipated.

To be fair, Batista most likely used steroids in the past. Looking at his body, it is not seem like a natural progression. John Cena's body actually looks like something you can get in a gym over time, but Batista's just does not.

The very vocal Kevin Nash has even said that he knew Cena wasn't on anything, but he was fairly certain that Batista was in the past.

Now, if you are out with an injury, especially ones similar to what Batista has had in the past, you are put on steroids by a doctor, but the regimen ends once you are healed.

Many thought that Batista came back from his leg injury too big, and were skeptical. He was bigger than before, and many figured steroid use was going on.

Of course it was, he was on them to get his leg better. Steroids are helpful during rehab from an injury, helping your body heal faster than it would on its own.

This is something baseball player Andy Pettite got in trouble for. He used them to get his arm better, and admitted to as much. He did not clear the use with MLB though, which was why he got in trouble.

It was also given to him by doctors within the team, which was why his regular doctor did not say anything to MLB, because he didn't know Pettite was using.

Not the case with Batista, he was under a doctor's care. This is not wrong, if you take advantage while you are using them, then that is fine to me.

He will not use them after he is done rehabbing and his injury is completely healed, so he is not abusing them. Using medical steroids is like using any other prescription the doctor gives you.

They are there to help you get better, and there is nothing wrong with taking them under those circumstances.

However, because Batista is a pro wrestler, and he did come back bigger, people figured he was a steroid abuser.

The steroid allegations are true and false here.

Yes, he did use steroids during his injuries and rehab. Why? Because they were prescribed to him by a doctor.

No, he does not use them while being an active wrestler.

Did he use steroids before the WWE? Yes, it seems pretty obvious that he did, even though we might have empirical evidence.

He was a bodybuilder before his WWE career, and many of the bodybuilders out there use them. So, I would not be surprised if he used then.

However, because the WWE knew of his size, they told him that steroid use was not allowed. And because of that he was unable to use them.

When he is out of wrestling resting, not injured, then I don't believe he uses. Especially now, since he is most likely retiring in 2010. Why would he want to get even bigger when he won't need to?

The steroid allegations are read into far too much here, and people need to realize that Batista is not on anything currently, except the natural medical steroids.

And there is nothing confirmed on that either. Dr. Andrews may have not prescribed them. It is all on the doctor, if they want to give them to someone they will; if not, then they won't.


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