Please Stop Connecting Michael Vick's Name to The Atlanta Falcons

David Contributor IJune 18, 2009

RICHMOND, VA - AUGUST 27:  Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick (L) arrives at federal court August 27, 2007 in Richmond, Virginia. The football star was expected to plead guilty to a federal dogfighting conspiracy charge. The NFL has suspended Vick indefinitely.   (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

I am sick of it.

I am sick of seeing Michael Vick's name and face plastered over Atlanta Falcons' news everywhere.

I am sick of seeing Michael Vick in a Falcons' uniform when they run the tapes on ESPN and Sportscenter.

I am sick of hearing about Michael Vick's situation when tuned in to the Falcons' radio station.

That is why Atlanta Falcons' subscribers on Bleacher Report will not find this article on their drop down menu. To put it there would be plain hypocrisy.

We all know the story:

Michael Vick was always the talk of the town since he entered the NFL. Perhaps the most electrifying player in the league, he put the Atlanta Falcons on the map. He led the Falcons to a playoff berth and a historic win at Lambeau Field. Vick led the Falcons to another postseason run, ending in Philadelphia in the NFC Championship game.

The Falcons' owner, Arthur Blank, made Michael Vick a "Falcon for life" with a $100 million contract with a $39 million in bonuses. Vick was on top of the world and had the city of Atlanta in his palm.

Never before had this city seen such an amazing athlete playing for them. This Cinderella story was only the beginning, or so the fans believed.

Then in July of 2007, the unthinkable, most unbelievable happened. Michael Vick was indicted on federal dogfighting charges in his home in Surry county, Virginia. He let the team down. He let Mr. Blank down. But most of all, Vick let us, the fans, down.

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Michael Vick lied to the faces of Roger Goodell, Arthur Blank, and everyone else. He was convicted and sentenced to 23 months in federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Michael Vick's collapse had a Domino effect on the rest of the franchise. Bobby Petrino fled Atlanta after 13 regular season games; I cannot blame him. Thinking he would be coaching a player like Mike Vick and then losing him to prison must have been a heart breaker.

The organization was in mass disarray and lost a lot of their already small fan base. All because of Michael Vick. The man lifted us up, and then dropped us like a rock.

So for all of you Vick lovers out there, stop now. An NFL player could have all the talent in the world but if he has bad character, he is going nowhere. He will never be a Falcon again.

The Atlanta Falcons, yes you heard correctly, finally have the pieces in place to become a championship team. Arthur Blank started from hiring Thomas Dimitroff as General Manager and Mike Smith as Head Coach.

These two men had a major challenge in front of them, but they wildly exceeded expectations. Smith and Dimitroff drafted quarterback Matt Ryan, signed bruising Michael Turner, and put together a team projected to win 1-4 games. The Falcons won 11.

In short, they rebuilt a franchise some thought would take years to become a contender again, especially with the Falcons' history.

The Falcons might not win it all this year or next, but they have the building blocks of potential. A fast, young, athletic team structured around character, leadership, and work ethic can only succeed.

As for Michael Vick, we are DONE with you. Good luck elsewhere.

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