Cricket Tweets Played Part in Piers Morgan's CNN Axe, Claims New York Times

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterFebruary 24, 2014

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Piers Morgan is in the headlines after his CNN chat show Piers Morgan Live was cancelled.

Falling audiences have been cited by several agencies and reports for the decision, including the Guardian, but the New York Times has gone a step further and hinted that Morgan's cricket tweets could have been a factor—if not in the decision to axe him, then as a part of why he failed to resonate with an American audience.

David Carr writes in a review of the decision (the bold font is ours for emphasis):

Old hands in the television news business suggest that there are two things a presenter cannot have: an accent or a beard. Mr. Morgan is clean shaven and handsome enough, but there are tells in his speech — the way he says the president’s name for one thing (Ob-AA-ma) — that suggest that he is not from around here.

There are other tells as well. On Friday morning, criticizing the decision to dismiss a cricket player, he tweeted, “I’m sure @StuartBroad8 is right and KP’s sacking will ‘improve performance’ of the England team. Look forward to seeing this at T20 WC.” Mr. Morgan might want to lay off the steady cricket references if he is worried about his credibility with American audiences. (His endless trolling of his critics on Twitter did not exactly help, either.)

Morgan is also not just a prolific cricket tweeter—he also talks regularly about football and only this weekend was trolling Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie on the social media network, as the Metro recorded.

However, in recent times, he has been a particularly outspoken critic of the decision by the England team to remove Kevin Pietersen from the side after they were beaten in the Ashes. 

It led him into a public spat with another member of the team, Matt Prior, and caused a stir in what was already a contentious decision with or without his intervention.

Perhaps—on a very small level, at least, if you believe the NYT's analysisthe Pietersen saga has claimed yet another victim.

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