JaMarcus Russell: Leader of A Youthful, Reborn Oakland Raiders Squad

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJune 10, 2009

JaMarcus Russell.

There are some that feel Russell is not ready for the Raiders. Some even say that coach Tom Cable is bringing in quarterbacks to possibly take this athletic QB's place at leading the Raiders.

But the fact of the matter is, JaMarcus Russell is the perfect QB for the Oakland Raiders. Russell has not been able to perform at his peak and will finally have a chance to prove himself to the doubters this season.

There is one simple reason that he has been unable to perform at his peak, and that was the coaching controversy in Oakland. Lane Kiffin was one factor. Russell was training under Kiffin, and although he played decently, he was not the star that so many Raider fans envisioned. In fact, he was below par.

Then at the season's midpoint, Cable turned the Oakland Raider world around. The Raiders began to win games. Russell looked comfortable as the team's leader. He played hard, and although the offensive line was not giving him the allotted time most quarterbacks receive, he scored points and played a better game.

In fact, Russell's QB rating in his last six games was 92.5 percent. He threw for seven TDs and passed for 978 yards. If you match this against QBs like Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, or even Matt Cassel, you may be shocked.

Russell outperformed most quarterbacks.

He also did considerably well when you bring into perspective that he had no star receiver. JaMarcus played with upcoming stars that were there to prove to the Raider Nation that we could win—and baby, did we win!

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Tom Cable began running the show in a way that we as Raider fans are accustomed to. He was winning games. Cable allowed the rookies to stand up and show the doubters that the Raiders had a skilled corps of youth that, used in correct fashion, could bring opponents to their knees.

Jon Gruden can attest to this statement, as the Raiders took Tampa Bay out of the playoffs.

Those who doubted Russell's leadership were once again thrown into dismay as he picked apart the Houston Texans. JaMarcus also had the help from the talented Johnnie Lee Higgins and Zach Miller who were major performers at season's end. There was also the talent of Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison. These are players we do not want to lose.

Russell has been under a lot of scrutiny lately because there are those that claim to be Raider fans, yet they are bashing our QB. This I do not understand at all—but then again, maybe I do.

There are the true die-hard Raidernation fans, and then you have your whiny wannabe fans who expect every play to be a touchdown. All they do is bash the team, the coaches, and sadly, Al Davis.

I was moved to write this article because I believe in the Oakland Raiders. I know the team's history, and I know what to expect from this new squad of young talented rookies. I am optimistic and always have been since I bleed Silver and Black.

Davis has surrounded Russell with a plethora of youth and talent. Who cannot say Asomugha isnt talented?

Both JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden have so much to prove, and believe me, I can see the fire, these guys know winning, which is why they are in Oakland.

I have seen the way McFadden hits opposing players and how he runs hard. These two players have the opportunity to quiet the AFC West rivals, and I am certain that this is the season for it to happen.

Russell has a tough schedule ahead this season against some good teams. But this nothing compared to the slander we as a Raider Nation hear about at sites like this.

How many times have we come here to read some great news about the Raiders and instead hear the crybabies? Raider football is not about crybabies. It's about a Raider Nation that believes in winning. No matter the ups or downs, we are the faithful and true fans.

Russell, alongside the many great players on offense and defense are going to prove it many wrong this year. Then once again the bandwagoners will jumping on board.

The Oakland Raiders with JaMarcus Russell at the helm proved that they are winners at season's end, and if anything, it only made the taste of victory an addiction, a wanting, and a need to silence the slander. JaMarcus has a new offensive coach who did wonders with the Cal Bears and should love his coaching as well.

Also, I understand why Davis signed Darrius Heyward-Bey. The guy is fast, and in the NFL, speed is critical. Heyward-Bey opens the field, and with JaMarcus throwing the ball downfield, it is likely Heyward-Bey will not be double covered as he was in college.

 JaMarcus Russell will get more time in the pocket, and if he can't pick 'em apart, then we run it down the throat with Michael Bush, Justin Fargas, or McFadden.

This is a new Oakland Raider team and with JaMarcus Russell finally able to start a new season fresh from controversy within, he will be leading the Raiders to a lot of winning games.

The Raiders are for real baby.  


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