All-Bengals Team: Offensive Line

Tom MirickCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 7:  Tackle Anthony Munoz #78 of the Cincinnati Bengals matches up against linebacker Kevin Greene #91 of the Los Angeles Rams during a game at the Anaheim Stadium on October 7, 1990 in Anaheim, California.  Munoz is in his 10th year out from USC.   The Bengals won 34-31.  (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

In this article, I am going to attempt to put an all-time Bengals team together. I am going to break it down into the offensive line, the offensive backs, tight end and receivers.

Not everyone is going to agree with every selection I make for my All-Bengals team, however I am basing it off of players since I became a fan of the Bengals.

The first position on the team is quite frankly the easiest choice I have to make, because starting at left tackle is the man, the myth, the legend—Anthony Munoz.

Munoz is one of the greatest left tackles to ever play the game, completely dominating the competition for 12 years.

He is the Bengals only Hall-of-Famer, and could quite possibly be the best left tackle to ever suit up. 

The next position is right tackle, and I can think on no one I would want more than Big Willie.

Willie Anderson played 12 seasons for the Bengals and made the Pro Bowl from 2003-07.

Big Willie was a constant fixture in the Bengals offense.  Anderson is a consummate pro and will be missed in Cincinnati.

Two All-Pro tackles down, and now we are searching for guards. I can't help but be a little biased here. 

I went with two guards off of the 1988 AFC Champion Bengals.

At right guard, Max Montoya played 10 of his 14 years with the Bengals. During his tenure, Montoya played in two Super Bowls.  

Montoya was a constant fixture at right guard for the Bengals when the team was known for its great line play.

Playing at left guard is Bruce Kozerski, known as Mr. Versatility for his ability to play every spot on the line.

Kozerski played 12 seasons with the Bengals, making the Pro Bowl as an alternate from 1988 to 1990.

Right now, looking at my line, I am fairly content.  All I need now is a center.

It should not be hard to find, as the Bengals have a fan favorite in center Rich Brahm. 

Braham was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 1994 draft and subsequently released later that year.

The Bengals picked up Rich Braham and 13 years later, he was one of the most beloved Bengals.

The Bengals have had question marks at center since Braham retired at the end of the 2006 season.  He was a tough man to replace.

So as it is now my Bengals All-Time offensive line looks like this.

Left Tackle—Anthony Munoz

Right Tackle—Willie Anderson

Left Guard—Bruce Kozerski

Right Guard—Max Montoya

Center—Rich Braham


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