Congratulations Diamond Hogs! Off to Omaha Razorbacks Baseball Goes

Razorback ExpatsSenior Analyst IJune 7, 2009

On behalf of all the interns, research assistants, and writers here at Razorbackexpats.com, I would like to shout out a big "WOOO PIG SOOOIE!!!" to the baseball team that defeated Florida State yesterday, to take 2-of-3 and advance on to the College World Series in Omaha.

Admittedly, basketball and football draw more attention around here, but we do support any team with a Razorback logo on its uniform, even the chess team, that is if we have one.

Given how poorly the football and basketball seasons played out, I for one have paid more attention to the baseball hogs than in years past. I enjoyed putting W’s on the schedule during the early months of the season, and then felt a big “here we go again,” as the Hogs went slumping in SEC play towards the end of the year.

I was ready to accuse them of hanging out with the basketball team, who were so infamous this year for having gotten our hopes really high, then crushing them with just two wins in SEC play.  

But the Hogs found themselves again and held their own in the SEC tournament, going 2-2, and beating Floriday for the fifth straight time. Seeing as how the Florida football team has dominated the Hogs ever since we joined the SEC, (one Bluebonnet Bowl win over them) it is nice to see some domination of the Gators in any sport.

When the Hogs got the Norman Regional and repeat matchups against Washington State and Oklahoma, I was hoping they would continue, like with Florida, to master a team they’ve played before; and they did in both cases.

But could the Hogs beat a team that scored 37 runs against Ohio State?

I will admit to saying, “Well, that was a Big 10 school.” Still, I was worried.

I want to give credit to our pitchers and our defense that we never had to see that type of hitting action from the Noles. But if you watched the games on ESPN, you’ll agree with me that the ESPN announcers wanted to see it.

I think all of us Hog fans have a certain sense that the sports establishment doesn’t really think that much of us.  The way the two announcers called the games on Friday and Saturday is enough to make you think that there is a well read handbook out there somewhere on just how to belittle the Hogs and pull for their adversary up to a point, but not quite saying “Go Razorbacks' Opponent!” 



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