Ohio State Coach Tom Herman Spends Time in 19-Hour Snowstorm Traffic Tweeting

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 29, 2014


A recruiting trip for Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman quickly turned into the night he became very well-acquainted with his rental car. 

On Tuesday, a large swath of the South, including the Atlanta area, was covered in what can best be described as winter misery. Traffic was at a standstill for most, which brings us to a report from Sports Illustrated's Zac Ellis, who spotted some play-by-play coming from Herman's Twitter feed

Here is what it was like to be the coach, presented by a very flabbergasted Herman tweeting from a rental: 

As Ellis notes, Herman decides to ditch the car at this point so that he might have a chance of making his flight: 

In the end, he left a rental car we assume he will never forget and managed to make it home in one very chilly piece: 

That was just one of the amazing stories floating around the Internet on a blustery day. 

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There was Chipper Jones playing The Day After Tomorrow the home game, setting off on an expedition to free his pal Freddie Freeman from the winter chill and the standstill traffic:

More adorably, a father made sure that his child would not sleep alone, despite the amazing journey he no doubt took to get to her, via Adam Murphy's tweet:

Which brings us to the misery behind all this whimsy. As Herman offers, please remember to keep those still stuck in the chaos in your thoughts. 

As NBC News' Erin McClam reports, thousands were left in gridlock that lasted at least 18 hours, something our pal Herman can attest to. 

And then there were the far more troubling reports that some children had to stay at school away from their families because of the weather. The report offers: "At least 850 children were stuck at school in Marietta, Ga., where buses started to take the kids home on Tuesday afternoon but had to turn back because of bad roads."

USA Today reported on Wednesday that officials are still trying to lend aid to motorists still stuck on the highways and the "thousands" of kids stuck at schools. 

We certainly hope this very scary situation gets remedied quickly. If all else fails, perhaps Chipper Jones can go back out and play hero a few more times. 

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