Bubba Watson Sinks Putt on a Private Jet, Makes Case for 'SportsCenter' Top Play

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJanuary 14, 2014

Bubba Watson would like to welcome you to the Goodie Room.

To be specific, this room is the cabin of a private airplane—a plane Watson recently turned into a makeshift putt-putt course.

Indeed, there will be no more frequent-flyer snitch miles for Bubba. He’s sinking putts and making magic at 30,000 feet, judging by a recent video posted to his Twitter account (h/t J. Camm of BroBible.com). 

In the video, Bubba stands in the tight corridor of a private jet and introduces a surefire nominee for SportsCenter’s “Top Ten Plays.”

“Putter, ball, airplane,” Bubba says, getting only the “airplane” part correct.

The 35-year-old Floridian proceeds to set up and sink a putt from 30 or so yards out. The ball caroms off a desk and a leather couch before rolling into a cup on the far side of the cabin.

That’s a big-boy putt, and one can only presume by Bubba’s reaction that it took several attempts to make this moment occur. He celebrated by shouting “Da Da Da,” which translates roughly to “Come on, ESPN. I know you want the goodies.”

GIF via Tumblr

The world wants the goodies, Bubba. Furthermore, Americans want golf

Many North American golfers have spent the last month stuck indoors, the greens at their favorite haunts all but frozen over thanks to polar vortexes, winter sharknados and other dire-sounding weather phenomena. 

Many of us are like Bubba—stuck inside putting into a can and staring wistfully out the window as the vibrant campaign of Masters commercials play on the television.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for more offbeat Bubba videos and the like. I forecast a healthy amount of stir-crazy clips being posted by the hook-shot hero as the spring tournaments crest the horizon.

Until the next video rolls out, it's best if we all just picture Bubba and Rickie Fowler flying through the air on a G-5 airplane, rolling their shoulders to Lil Jon. Playa.

Swinging putters past yo knees.