Virtual Shortcomings: DeAngelo Hall Upset With Madden Rating

ChiCitySports .ComCorrespondent IJune 3, 2009

As the OTAs started for the Washington Redskins, new cornerback DeAngelo Hall was playing like his old self. EA Sports picked up on Hall losing a step in his game.

Once a top cornerback in EA Sports title Madden Football, Hall's overall rating has significantly dropped.

His rating was the biggest drop for any player in the entire game. Once a 93 overall rating, Hall is now rated 68 overall.

After being lowered 25 overall rating points, it was to be expected that Hall wouldn't be very pleased. His Twitter feed displayed the following:

"So i just found out that Madden killed my rating. Its all good after this season i'll be back at the #1 spot haha" (www.twitter.com/dhall23).

In a blog published on the Redskins' official site, Matt Tirl interviewed Hall and asked him about the Madden rating.

Coupled with his Twitter frustration and play during OTAs, Tirl pieced it all together.

He asked Hall if he knew of Ethan Albright's letter to Madden. A fake letter, composed by an Internet user posing as Albright, addressed EA in a negative manner about his overall rating being the lowest in the game. 

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"I heard that, but it had kinda been in one in ear out the other. But as the release date gets closer, I'm starting to get a little bit more paranoid, I'm thinking about trying to get my name and likeness pulled off the game entirely. 'Cause this is bull."

At this point, it was obvious that Hall was upset with the lowering of his rating. He would have to have a successful season to get back on top, as his Twitter feed indicated.

Asked about EA Sports' in-season roster updates, Hall responded:

"They do that as the season goes on, so hopefully if I grab 10 or 12 [interceptions], and get my respect back, my dignity back...we'll see."

By lowering Hall's rating in Madden, EA may just motivate him enough to start covering once again. It's definitely been a while. EA Sports just gave Dan Snyder the biggest favor he could ever ask for.


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