To All Those Who Say Reggie Bush Is a Bust...

Nicholas DomingueContributor IJune 3, 2009

To all of the folks who say that Reggie Bush is a bust, I disagree! And I will defend my point here, as a Saints fan, to say that Reggie Bush is definitely not a bust.

When Reggie Bush was drafted by the Saints back in 2006. Many people, including myself, were very excited about having the supremely talented, Heisman Trophy winning running back from USC. It was a shock when the Houston Texans passed on drafting Reggie, and he fell right into the Saints' lap.

After being drafted by the Saints, it was clear that expectations were very high, and people expected Reggie to have the same effect for the Saints that Barry Sanders had for the Detroit Lions. And these high expectations are one of the main reasons so many people resort to calling Reggie a bust or a disappointing player.

Reggie Bush will be entering his fourth season with the Saints, and looking back to his first season, any football fan has to see his contributions to the Saints. During Reggie's first season with the Saints, he was a catalyst for big plays.

One game in specific, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he returned a punt for a touchdown that directly led to the Saints winning the game. In another game that season, Reggie scored four touchdowns and torched the Niners' defense. Going into the playoff games against the Eagles and Bears, Reggie continued to make big plays, including scoring the longest touchdown in NFC Championship history.

I know some people may think some of those points are moot points, but going back to Reggie's successful first season, as well as considering that in his first season he and Deuce McAllister were one of the top rushing duos in the NFL, they can't say that Reggie did not have an immediate impact on the Saints and their success. The past couple of seasons Reggie has battled injuries and has missed some games, and hopefully this season he will be able to stay healthy.

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There has been an argument that Reggie would be better suited at wide receiver than running back, and while the argument does have some viable points, I think Reggie still can produce at running back. He can catch the ball well out of the backfield, and I think he can find the open lane while running the ball, he just needs more work on his consistency as a running back.

So overall, while Reggie may not have the super stats or recognition some of the other running backs receive in the NFL, I still think he has been a great player for the Saints. I definitely do not think he is a bust, and will continue to stand by my position on that. He still has a long career ahead of him and I believe he will only get better from this point. Thanks for reading!  

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