Paul "Pozinator" Posluszny and the Buffalo Bills Defense Learn Tae Kwon Do

Kyle RichardsonCorrespondent IJune 3, 2009

Paul Posluszny got to hang out with Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, Phil Hansen, Andre Reed, and other Bills greats Monday at the annual Jim Kelly Celebrity Classic golf tournament.

Maybe some of their greatness wore off on the quarterback of the new Buffalo Bills defense.

Two years ago, Posluszny went down in the beginning of the season with a broken forearm. In an interview with 97 Rock, he was asked how the arm is now.

“It’s doing great; it’s made of steel how bad could it be. It’s doing really well. No problems at the airport.”

The Man of Steel is running the Bills defense. It’s very early but how can you not feel confident about the Bills this year?

The Bills have had the opportunity to reflect on their weaknesses from last year. Their pass rush was so bad that defensive line coach Bob Sanders is now ready to do anything in an attempt to change that.

So in the third week of OTAs, he brought in Joe Kim who runs a tae kwon do school in the Cleveland area and has competed at the Olympic level.

This is not the first time this has been done. Bill Belichick used him while with Cleveland in 1991, a team that recorded 34.5 sacks, and 49 in 1992. Kim has also learned from Jim Bates and Nick Saban.

Because of the implementation of using leverage, and other techniques, tae kwon do can benefit both sides of the ball for the Bills. It can be useful playing on the line against tight ends, in pass rushing, and taking on pulling guards and tackles.

Poz sees how the Korean martial art can benefit him as middle linebacker.

"(Kim) just came in yesterday; he’ll be here today and tomorrow. It’s great to get a guy with a different perspective. He knows how to do a lot with your hands, and that’s a big part of the game, using your hands to get off blocks.

"We’re learning pass rush moves, (how to read) when an offensive lineman is going to punch or stick it and put his hands on you, a lot of stuff to use your hands to get his off of you.

Different chops, different ways to swipe the guys hands of off your body. I’ve never been punched in a game but if it came to that I might use those moves.”

I wouldn’t want to be on the other end of that punch.

Maybe the fact that they are fighting for their jobs, the Bills coaching staff is finally starting to realize that another 7-9 season will not cut it.

“Things are a little different this year. We have new personnel, new guys on defense, new draft picks, new guys on offense. We're changing things up a bit, learning, trying to fix the mistakes from last year and making some changes for this year. We try to keep it similar at times but there definitely is a different feel to it.”

One of the new draft picks he mentioned is defensive end Aaron Maybin, who Poz worked with in PSU.

“He’s picking up things fast; it’s a huge difference from college to the NFL. Aaron’s going to make that transition easily. He’s such a great athlete.

He’s able to put his hands on a guy, and rush the passer. He can use some of those karate moves we're learning. He’s a huge guy.”

Huge guy? Coming from Poz?! He’s just being modest. But that doesn’t mean Maybin won’t be victim to any pranks.

Poz said the good pranks come out at training camp.

Look out and watch your back, Maybin.

T.O. a distraction?

Posluszny mentioned how watching T.O. in practice is benefiting the entire team.

“He’s made some plays in practice, and when you see those plays in person you say that’s a great play. But when you see them on film you say wow he’s a freak athlete! He can do some special things that really not a lot of people can do. The chance to compete against him in practice is great.”

Posluszny was also asked if he’s sick of talking about T.O.

“He definitely is the topic of conversation lately. We have a lot of good guys; we understand he’s a high profile guy."

It doesn’t sound like T.O.’s affecting them too much, negatively. Besides, Poz is creating his own celebrity status in Buffalo.

He’s been hanging out with “Mr. Buffalo”, Patrick Kaleta, WNY phenom and Sabres forward. You might be thinking, "how does Paul Posluszny, big Polish football player from middle Pennsylvania meet a hockey player."

“We're neighbors, we live in the same plan. Pat met Kawika (Mitchell) first, they live closer. I met him through Kawika. Pat is a good guy.”

But the attraction that is Kaleta might create some looks when they're together, but Paul is focused.

“We have a good time when we go out,” Poz said. But…"I have a serious girlfriend that I met in school. It’s going well."

Hear that ladies, Paul Posluszny, the Man of Steel is focused.


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