Everything I Need to Know, I Learned Playing Fantasy Football

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IJune 3, 2009

To those out there that are not fantasy football fanatics, the game appears to be nothing more than a waste of time.

However, like the sport of football itself, fantasy football has much to offer in the way of life lessons. For just a few of the most prominent ones, continue reading.


Life Lesson No. 1—Is Your Spouse a Keeper?

The game of fantasy football can take a toll on a relationship.

Heck, the term "fantasy football widow" didn't just come out of nowhere. For us die hards, the game becomes almost an obsession. That quick sec to check out your fantasy roster all of a sudden leads to three hours on the computer and a cold dinner.

Weeks turn into just six day affairs as Sundays are for nothing more than football. "Oh, you packed a picnic lunch for us honey, how sweet! You mind if I eat it in the living room?"

Yes, fantasy football at times can be a relationship killer, but at the same time, it offers great insight into your significant other. It's perfectly healthy to have interests outside of one's relationship.

If your significant other realizes this and leaves you and your fantasy football sites be while pursuing her own interest, then you're golden. You, my friend, have found a keeper! Unless of course, her own interest is other men.

But hey, either way, you're free to watch the games on Sunday!


Life Lesson No. 2—Even the Best Laid Plans Go Awry! 

Tom Brady just compiled one of the best years ever by a quarterback, throwing for 4,806 yards, 50 TDs, and just eight INTs, and you were the lucky owner in your league to get him in the draft.

Can you say championship? 


Life Lesson No. 3—It's Called Over Analyzing Because It's Too Much!

How many times in your fantasy leagues have you seen an owner sit their stud for one of their bench guys because "Nate Burleson plays awesome in domes," only to see it cost them a game?

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies simply by over thinking.


Life Lesson No. 4—Life Takes a Little Bit of Luck!

Whether it's a no name tight end grabbing his only two TDs of the season in one week to secure you a win or a matchup with the team that scored the fewest points in your league while you had the second fewest, the majority of fantasy football championship seasons contain a little bit of luck here or there. 


Life Lesson No. 5—Variety is the Spice of Life!

We've all been part of our fair share of fantasy football message boards, and I think it's safe to say that the best message boards out there are those filled with a bunch of different creative jabs running from owner to owner.

I mean...seriously, who wants to spend all day reading a message board in which you're friend simply says "Die!" week in and week out.

(Yes Loftus, I did just call you out!)


Life Lesson No. 6—Even a Blind Weasel Will Find Weasel Food!

Yes, even that guy in your league that keeps shouting "Home Run!" when his guy scores a touchdown, or the wife of your best bud who joined simply because you needed a 12th person and picked all her players by who she thought was cutest...can win your league.


Life Lesson No. 7—Some Times It's the Simplest Things in Life that Mean the Most!

Seriously, is there anything better than a few cold ones on draft day with your buddies?!

Draft Day 2009—Let the Countdown Begin!


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