TNA Impact Wrestling: Complete Preview, Rumors, News and More for December 26

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 25, 2013

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The holiday season has most people in a festive mood, and this week’s Christmas edition of TNA’s Impact Wrestling should have fans excited for all of the madness the company has planned.

Even if you can’t watch it live, this is an episode of Impact Wrestling you don’t want to miss.

As if the aftermath of last week’s Final Resolution free-per-view and the crowning of Magnus as Dixie Carter’s new champion weren’t enough to draw fans in this week, the Monster’s Ball match between Joseph Park and Bad Influence should feature the brutality fans have been clamoring to see.

Here is all the vital viewing information to watch the broadcast and a full preview of what to expect from Thursday’s show.

Where: Universal Studios, Orlando, Fla.

When: Thursday, Dec. 26, 9 p.m. ET (Pre-taped)

Watch: Spike TV

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Magnus Celebrates His TNA World Title Victory

After becoming the first English wrestler in 108 years to capture a major American wrestling championship, per ImpactWrestling.com, Magnus will now have the chance to celebrate his win and thank the people that helped make this possible. While it wasn’t ideal to have Dixie Carter, Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud interfere in the main event, as long as the end of the match featured Magnus winning the championship, it shouldn’t matter how TNA got to that point.

Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is Magnus’ Win Tainted?

There will be many wrestling critics that complain about this ending, but it was successful on two different levels. Not only did the TNA give the title to a younger star—just 27 years old—that it can build as a future keystone to the company’s success, but it also cemented his heel turn in just a few moments with the closing of last week’s show.

Magnus had been booked perfectly during the weeks leading into this main event, and his character evolution was handled correctly at Final Resolution. From his interactions with Sting leading into the tournament to leaving Kurt Angle in a tag match, the heel turn has been subtly teased for well over a month.

Hype Meter: 5 out of 5 Home-Grown Superstars

The focus for many wrestling fans after last week’s main event was how it ended, but that was only a small part of what people should have learned that night. First, Magnus proved early in the episode that he can cut a great promo when he questioned Jeff Hardy’s intentions.

The bigger lesson learned in the match itself was how well-rounded the new champion is in the ring and how much talent he really possesses. The two men put on an amazing match that was worthy of the main event, but let’s see how TNA follows that success.

TNA Rumors: Latest Buzz Surrounding AJ Styles’ Contract, per F4WOnline.com via Wrestling Inc.

Celebrating Christmas with TNA

The Christmas holiday is filled with family and cheer, but this year’s holiday vacation also features an exciting episode of Impact Wrestling. With Dixie Carter expected to make a major announcement and Joseph Park scheduled to fight both Kazarian and Christopher Daniels in a Monster’s Ball Match, this has become a can’t-miss episode of the flagship show.

Question on Everybody’s Mind: Is Joseph Park Abyss?

Whether you love or hate the Joseph Park angle, the storytelling involved in this feud since Bound for Glory has been excellent. This is an unorthodox program featuring several talented workers, and they are somehow pulling it off.

There is no reason that a storyline featuring a lawyer that bleeds and turns into his brother should work in the Internet age, but TNA has managed to make this storyline interesting again. I don’t care how it ends; I’m just enjoying the ride for now.

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Dixie Carter Announcements

Park isn’t the only one with a busy night scheduled, as Carter will be making a major announcement this week. There have been no hints about what the time was requested for, but with Magnus just winning the title and AJ Styles still not back with the company, the announcement will inevitably be something to do with the world title scene.

Impact Wrestling has been rightly criticized in the past for porous booking, but steady improvement each week since Bound for Glory has fans excited for the future of the company. Hopefully the announcement is the return of a rebuilt Wheel of Dixie. I already miss it.

TNA News: Last Week’s Impact Wrestling Ratings, via Wrestling Inc.

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