Ranking the Top 50 Moments of the 2013 F1 Season‏

Fraser Masefield@@fmasefieldContributor IDecember 23, 2013

Ranking the Top 50 Moments of the 2013 F1 Season‏

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    Lars Baron/Getty Images

    What immediately springs to mind about the 2013 Formula One season was that it was a Sebastian Vettel romp.

    The all-conquering German won the last nine grands prix on the bounce to seal a fourth successive drivers’ title.

    Although there’s absolutely no denying the scale of Vettel’s fantastic achievement, it seems something of a shame that the season will predominantly be remembered for that alone, especially as there were so many memorable moments.

    Here are 50 of the best of them from the 2013 season.

50. McLaren Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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    Where better to start at number 50 than with McLaren celebrating 50 years in F1?

    Sadly, the team endured arguably their least successful season since they entered the sport with not a podium to show for their efforts.

    But it did not stop them from celebrating a rich history in the sport as this awesome BBC featurette demonstrates.

49. Formula One Hits the Silver Screen

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    Although the one-sided nature of the 2013 season may have had F1 newbies and season fans alike turning off in their droves, Hollywood succeeded in bringing F1 to the masses as never before.

    Ron Howard’s screen adaptation of the epic 1976 title battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda hit the silver screen in September to international acclaim with Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl starring in the roles of Hunt and Lauda respectively.

    Rush has grossed $90,247,624, according to Wikipedia, and has Golden Globe nominations for Best Motion Picture and Best Supporting Actor for Daniel Bruhl.

48. X-Men Mutants Invade Montreal Grid

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    Sticking with the movie theme, Hollywood actors are a common sight on the grid at certain venues and this year it was the turn of the cast of the new X-Men movie.

    Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult were all present on the Montreal grid to plug their forthcoming movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and to enjoy the F1 spectacle, of course!

47. Van Der Garde Gatecrashes Q2 in Monaco

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    Our first entry for an outstanding performance on the track goes to Giedo van der Garde for his qualifying performance in Monaco.

    Perennial backmarkers Caterham had only made Q2 before on a couple of occasions and few expected it to happen this year.

    But when Dutchman van der Garde made it to Q2 in Monaco, he was celebrated like a hero as he put his car 15th on the grid.

    “It was a great day for us and I'm very happy and proud of what we did,” he told Autosport.

    Spectacular stuff!

46. Bottas Blasts to P3 on Grid in Canada

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    If Van der Garde’s Q2 appearance in Monaco was good, Valtteri Bottas’ stunning qualifying effort in Montreal was spectacular.

    The Finn judged his run in Q3 perfectly on a drying circuit to put his Williams third on the grid for what was one of the highlights of a difficult season for the Grove team.

45. Grosjean Rockets from Fourth to First in Japan

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    Romain Grosjean was branded a “first-lap nutcase” by Mark Webber for his numerous collisions in 2012 but the Frenchman came of age in 2013 with a newfound maturity.

    But it didn’t stop him from curbing his aggressive driving and going for a gap when he saw it, as his stunning start from fourth on the grid to first in Japan demonstrated.

44. Perez and Sutil Prove Overtaking Is Possible at Monaco

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    Once the Monaco Grand Prix settles down after the opening lap, the usual result is a processional race until the finish.

    Not this year as Sergio Perez pulled off a couple of gutsy overtakes on Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso before pushing his luck one time too many with Kimi Raikkonen.

    And Alonso must have been wondering what was going on as Adrian Sutil also pulled off a great move on him at the Loews hairpin en route to finishing fifth.

43. Formula One Remembers Maria De Villota

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    One of the sadder stories of the season was the news that former Marussia test driver Maria de Villota was found dead in her hotel room in Seville in October.

    De Villota was seriously injured during a testing accident at Duxford Aerodrome in 2012 and her sudden death was reported by BBC Sport to be a delayed result of her crash injuries.

42. Raikkonen Embarrasses SKY Interviewer

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    One of the joys of F1 has to be watching Kimi Raikkonen being interviewed.

    There is plenty of fun to be had by trawling YouTube for Raikkonen classics but his total indifference to what he viewed as a pointless question from Craig Slater during pre-season testing has to be one of the best.

    Don’t worry Craig, you’re not the first and certainly won’t be the last!

41. Natalie Pinkham Proves Not Everyone Is Cut out for F1

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    New drivers on the 2013 grid were joined by new presenters and Natalie Pinkham proved a popular addition.

    Easy on the eye, always smiling and with an excellent knowledge of the sport, Pinkham did prove to be utterly hopeless at one thing—driving an F1 car. Well, a simulator at least!

    It’s just as well. If it was that easy we’d all be doing it.

40. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Steal the Pre-Race Show in the U.S.A.

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    Not even Christian Horner or Bernie Ecclestone could steal their eyes away
    Not even Christian Horner or Bernie Ecclestone could steal their eyes awayMark Thompson/Getty Images

    A well-attended second-ever US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas was not the most memorable by any stretch of the imagination, but it did have its moments.

    In winning the race by a more comfortable 6.2 seconds than it would appear on paper, Sebastian Vettel became the first driver in the history of the sport to win eight consecutive races in a single season.

    There was one good reason to watch the pre-race build-up, however, as the world’s most popular cheerleaders also proved the most popular grid girls of the season.

39. Bernie’s Master of Comic Timing at London’s High Court

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    F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is no stranger to publicity.

    But when he was surrounded by video cameras as he entered the High Court to give evidence in a damages claim against him made by German media company Constantin Medien, he cut something of a comedy figure as he went in, then out of the building via the revolving doors.

    Did he do it on purpose? Most probably.

38. Hamilton Left Dumbfounded After Being Passed by a Williams

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    The 2013 season had a number of high points for new Mercedes recruit Lewis Hamilton including a maiden win for his new team in Hungary.

    But he must have been wondering what he let himself in for early in the season when he started on the front row of the grid in Spain but soon slipped back as far as 14th.

    According to the Daily Mirror, as he started going backwards down the field, he noted to his team in horror, “I’ve just been overtaken by a Williams!”

    Yes, a Williams. The second most successful team in the history of Formula One. How times have changed.

37. Di Resta Crash Caught on Thermal Cam

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    Want to know how hot a F1 car’s tyres get at speed? The answer, especially with this year’s fast wearing Pirellis, is extremely hot.

    Perhaps as a result of some catastrophic tyre failures during the course of the season, Pirelli decided to allow thermal imaging cameras to be fitted to Paul di Resta’s Force India during the Italian Grand Prix weekend to show viewers how heat builds up in a tyre and what a tough life tyres have.

    It made for great viewing, especially when di Resta locked up his front tyres and ploughed into the back of Romain Grojean’s Lotus.

36. Alonso’s Flying Start in Singapore

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    Fernando Alonso’s start at Singapore has to go down as the best of the year.

    Lining up seventh on the grid, the Spaniard got the drop on Lewis Hamilton before streaming down the outside to overtake the squabbling trio of Romain Grosjean, Mark Webber and Felipe Massa and into P3.

35. Hamilton Takes to the Skies Above Silverstone

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    As one of the oldest races in Formula One history, the British Grand Prix is always a special occasion on the F1 calendar.

    Even more so for British drivers, of course, and BBC Sport certainly made the most of it this year by pairing up Lewis Hamilton with another national institution in the Red Arrows over the skies of Silverstone.

34. Pit Stops Leave Spectators Confused in Spain

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    Vladimir Rys/Getty Images

    When Pirelli were given the brief of making their tyres wear out quicker for 2013, it was done to spice up proceedings.

    Faster wearing rubber would mean more overtaking and more pit stops, which would be more exciting for the spectator, right?

    Wrong. With the majority of drivers stopping as much as four times in Spain, even the television commentators struggled at times to keep up with who was where on the track, let alone the watching fans.

33. Hamilton Gives Mixed Messages in the U.S.A.

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    Just what’s a team to do when a driver tells them to leave him alone then criticises them for not helping him enough?

    That was the quandary faced by Mercedes when Lewis Hamilton told his engineer to “let him focus” when told to look after his tyres as quoted by The Guardian.

    Several laps later, seemingly having forgotten his earlier message, Hamilton asked why he wasn’t getting enough assistance.

    "You need to give me some feedback, man, tyres, temperatures.”

    Team boss Ross Brawn later downplayed the situation, saying there was no problem with Hamilton and that it was just a learning process.

    It's not an issue, quite frankly. We are learning to calibrate our input to Lewis and sometimes he jives with us a bit, saying it's too much, and two seconds later saying its not enough. From some drivers you won't hear anything, so when you do, you pay a lot of attention. With other drivers, there's a bit more rapport going on.

    We are just getting used to working with Lewis. I am sure there are different levels of frustration with him. The first level, you just wade through. It's part of building a relationship. It's not problematic.

32. Sutil Labels His Car a “piece of S**t” in Korea

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    Sutil was dropped at the end of the season
    Sutil was dropped at the end of the seasonMark Thompson/Getty Images

    The Korean Grand Prix was a weekend to forget for Adrian Sutil.

    A disappointing qualifying left him 14th on the grid and things went from bad to worse during the race after he crashed into Mark Webber, causing the Australian’s retirement, before he too retired five laps from the end.

    Of course, it wasn’t all Sutil’s fault as he had a dog of a car to drive and he told his race engineer exactly that earlier in the race, according to F1 Fanatic.

    "The car's f****** slow. I can't go faster. It's a piece of s***."

31. Maldonado Flies at Monaco but Not in a Good Way

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    There were more incidents in this year’s Monaco Grand Prix than in many previous years and it appeared everyone was crashing.

    Felipe Massa was involved in two huge shunts at St. Devote and Sergio Perez also crashed in Kimi Raikkonen coming out of the tunnel.

    But perhaps the most spectacular-looking of all crashes occurred when Max Chilton moved across on Pastor Maldonado, scarily launching his Williams into the air before he struck the barriers at Tabac.

30. Shake N’ Bake, Baby!

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    After taking his eighth victory in succession at the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, Sebastian Vettel gave a little personal tribute to a favourite film of his when he shouted over the radio "Shake 'n' bake, baby! Shake 'n' bake!"

    As reported on crash.net, Vettel was quoting from the movie Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

    "It was a nice quote, I think it suits. I think there was a movie a couple of years ago which was about racing and I think it was more a piss-take than an actual movie.

    "Obviously we're in America. My engineer has a lot of history here, knows a lot of people, he did a lot of racing [here] early in his career. You need to ask him whether it's what he used to say when he secured pole position in the US!"

29. Vettel Boos the Start of Things to Come in Canada

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    Ker Robertson/Getty Images

    Having secured his first ever Canadian Grand Prix victory, Sebastian Vettel may have expected a little loving from the Montreal crowd.

    But as the podium presentations progressed, a chorus of boos began to ring out and they were firmly directed at the race winner.

    Whether it was a result of the now infamous “Multi-21” team orders controversy in Malaysia is hard to tell but it signalled the start of a worrying trend.

28. Perez Takes the Fight to Button in Bahrain

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    Sergio Perez incurred the wrath of McLaren teammate Jenson Button after an exciting duel saw contact between the pair before the Mexican finished sixth.

    The experienced Button had not expected such a lack of respect from his new teammate and made it clear in no uncertain terms afterwards as quoted on BBC Sport.

    I'm not used to driving along a straight and having a team-mate coming alongside me and wiggling his wheels at me, and banging wheels at 300kph. ... Banging wheels at 300kph isn't something we do in Formula 1 normally, so it's a new thing for me. Maybe this is the way we go racing now, I don't know. But it's not the way I want to go racing. We'll have to have a little chat I think because I don't like banging wheels at 300kph. That's dangerous.

27. Massa Endures Monaco Nightmare

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    Felipe Massa’s final season in a Ferrari career spanning eight years in Formula One had few highlights.

    The low point was undoubtedly a shocking Monaco Grand Prix weekend that saw the popular Brazilian lose the car under braking into St Devote in FP3 before going off in exactly the same place during the race.

26. Rosberg Emulates His Father at Monaco

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    In taking his first victory at Monaco, Rosberg became the first son to emulate his father with victory around the Principality, taking the victory exactly 30 years later.

25. Hamilton Bags First Win for Mercedes

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    The Hungarian Grand Prix marked Lewis Hamilton’s coming of age as a Mercedes driver as the Englishman put in a near-flawless performance to win his first race for the famous German marque.

    Hamilton often proved supreme over one lap in 2013, and he laid the foundations for his success by grabbing pole and leading into the first corner before executing a perfect three-stop strategy to win from Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel.

24. Alonso’s Stunning Overtakes in Spain En Route to Victory

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    Fernando Alonso was always going to be a difficult man to beat on his home turf in Spain and roared on by a vociferous home crowd, so it proved.

    Alonso executed a perfect strategy but it was his overtakes on rivals Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen that really caught the eye.

    Starting from fifth on the grid, Alonso cut a tighter line through Turn 1 and got the power on earlier into the corner for Turn 2, getting the run on Raikkonen before passing Hamilton around the outside of Turn 3. Great stuff.

23. Vettel Feeling Blue on Podium After Italian Victory

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    After the boos for Vettel on the podium in Canada, it was always going to happen in Italy with Vettel beating home favourite Fernando Alonso to the chequered flag.

    Vettel made light of the fact in saying on Sky Sports, “We are in Italy, I'm dressed in blue. I said to the guys on the in lap, the more booing we get, the better we've done today.”

22. Webber Reveals His Feelings for Vettel on Top Gear

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    It’s obvious that Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel never really saw eye-to-eye after their well-publicised clashes in Turkey and Silverstone in 2010 and Malaysia this year.

    Gentleman that he is, Webber for the most part kept his feelings under wraps. That was until his appearance on BBC’s Top Gear show when asked if he would miss his Red Bull teammate.

    “Probably not a huge amount, no. In a competitive environment, there’s always going to be a bit of needle. There’s a lot of history between us that has gone before. My dad always said you shouldn’t hit boys.”

21. Brundle Tries to Calm Vettel Boo Boys in Singapore

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    By the Singapore Grand Prix, booing of Sebastian Vettel had become commonplace, but why should it be? What had Vettel done wrong apart from win races?

    That was the view of former driver and Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle and when it happened again on the podium in Singapore, he had had enough.

    “Please don’t do that – it’s not correct,” he said.

20. Bernie Teases Suzie Perry in Spain

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    He may be 83 years of age but F1 Supremo Bernie Ecclestone is still as sharp as a button with a devilish wit to match.

    His verbal sparring with television interviewers is legendary and he couldn’t resist having a little fun at the expense of BBC’s Suzie Perry in Spain by suggesting the British Grand Prix would be removed from the calendar in 2014.

    And for a moment, she bought it too.

19. McLaren Springs a Surprise with New Driver Announcement

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    Only two races from the end of the season, McLaren sprung a major surprise by announcing that relative unknown Kevin Magnussen would be replacing Sergio Perez at the team for 2013.

    Perez was only informed two days before the U.S. Grand Prix and as he told Sky Sports, the decision came as a shock.

    “Everything came as a big shock to me and I was not expecting it. The team told me I was going to stay and I wanted to trust the team. And then really late the decision came so I only found out a couple of days earlier.”

    Credit to Perez, despite knowing that his F1 career was in the balance he finished the season on a high with strong points finishes in the remaining four races that helped him land a drive with Force India for 2013.

18. What Would You Like for Your Birthday Fernando? Someone Else’s Car!

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    Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo gave Alonso a public dressing down
    Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo gave Alonso a public dressing downManuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

    Fernando Alonso landed himself in hot water with Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo when he suggested after a disappointing Hungarian Grand Prix that he would prefer another car to drive.

    After the race, in which Alonso finished fifth, he was asked what he would like for his 32nd birthday present, to which the Spaniard replied “someone else’s car”, as reported by The Telegraph.

    Unsurprisingly, di Montezemolo was deeply unamused by the comment and it led him to publically scolding his star driver.

    "Montezemolo is doing his utmost to ensure that the team has all the support and resources it needs, starting with the announcement that James Allison, formerly with Lotus, will join the Maranello team, starting work already on 1st September.

    "However, there is a need to close ranks, without giving in to rash outbursts that, while understandable in the immediate aftermath of a bad result, are no use to anyone.

    "That was a reference to the latest comments from Fernando Alonso, which did not go down well with Montezemolo, nor with anyone in the team. So, when Montezemolo called the Spaniard this morning to wish him a happy birthday, he also tweaked his ear, reminding him that, “all the great champions who have driven for Ferrari have always been asked to put the interests of the team above their own.

    "This is the moment to stay calm, avoid polemics and show humility and determination in making one’s own contribution, standing alongside the team and its people both at the track and outside it.”

17. Massa Fights Back the Tears in Brazil

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    It wasn't quite to be a fairy-tale ending in Mark Webber's final race in F1, as Vettel romped to yet another win, but the Aussie was a popular second after holding off Fernando Alonso.

    Alonso himself may well have finished fourth as he revealed he would have handed his podium spot to teammate Felipe Massa in his final race for Ferrari.

    But the Brazilian was denied that sentimental tribute when those pesky race stewards slapped a drive-through penalty on him for crossing the pit entry line—a decision Massa labelled afterwards as unacceptable on Sky Sports.

16. Vettel Given Naughty Award by BBC

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    “He has been naughty this year,” commented BBC Sport’s Suzi Perry in reference to Sebastian Vettel’s 2013 antics. “He’s been properly naughty and he’s been cheekily naughty.”

    During the season, Vettel ignored team orders in Malaysia, swore on live TV and was punished for his donut celebrations in India.

    And for his naughtiness, BBC Sport presented him with a special award.

    “I’m very proud because officially now I’m the bad boy,” said vettel. “Usually nice guys finish last and the bad guys get to take the Prom Queen home so I don’t know where she is it but I’m sure I’ll find her.”

15. Grosjean Told to Smile

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    With second place in the Korean Grand Prix seemingly in his pocket, Romain Grosjean made a mistake after a resumption of racing after a safety car period and teammate Kimi Raikkonen pounced, taking the place.

    Grosjean was still apparently the quicker driver and begged for his team to let him back past but he was told to carry on racing and to conceal his obvious disappointment on the podium.

    "We'll talk about this in the office after the race, of course, but for now, big f****** smile on the podium, please; big f****** smile."

    According to Sky Sports, team boss Eric Boullier admitted afterwards that Grosjean could have been the quicker driver but it was still a racing situation.

    Romain was frustrated because he made a small mistake at the restart after the safety car and Kimi just passed him. I think he was begging for some team orders to let him past, but he made a mistake and it was normal racing time. I think he could have been quicker, but he was bit upset that he lost the position so it is just part of his learning curve.

14. Bianchi’s Pilotless Marussia Rolls Back Across the Circuit

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    The German Grand Prix was certainly not free from incident.

    Television audiences had only just recovered from seeing a cameraman hit by Mark Webber’s detached rear wheel in the pitlane when they were treated to another bizarre sight as having retired with a fiery engine failure, Jules Bianchi's pilotless Marussia then rolled back down the bank and onto the circuit.

    Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic at the time and leader Sebastian Vettel passed the car just as it had crossed the track.

13. Maldonado Sabotages His Williams Relationship

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    Having already revealed his intention to leave the Williams team at the end of the season, Pastor Maldonado made the extraordinary accusation that his own team have sabotaged his own tyres during qualifying for the U.S. Grand Prix as reported by The Telegraph.

    Maldonado could only manage the 18th fastest time as teammate Valtteri Bottas topped Q1.

    "I think in my car somebody is playing with the pressure and the temperatures. You need to ask the team, the guys that are working on the car, it is quite clear."

    What appears more likely is that Bottas was just the quicker driver on the day and clearly the better driver on race day. Whilst the Finn was busy keeping the Mercedes of Nico Rosberg behind him until the chequered flag, Maldonado finished well down the field after sending an enraged Adrian Sutil into the wall on the opening lap.

12. Hamilton Goes into the Wrong Pit Box

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    Okay so it was only the second race of the season for his new team but surely Lewis Hamilton knew he was now racing for Mercedes and not McLaren any more?

    Apparently not as he drove into the McLaren pit box before realising his error and almost stopping before quickly correcting his mistake.

    One of the funnier moments of the 2013 season.

11. Gone in 1.923 Seconds: Red Bull Sets New Pit Stop Record

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    With Sebastian Vettel cruising serenely to an eighth successive victory, Red Bull’s other focus was on Mark Webber closing the gap to Romain Grosjean in second place. And when he came in for his pit stop on Lap 28, something incredible happened.

    The mechanics were in perfect position as they always are, with pneumatic drills at the ready. Off came the old front and rear medium compound tyres, and on came the new hards. It all happened in less than two seconds—1.923 seconds to be precise. A new world record.

10. Greenpeace Stunt Takes Limelight Away from Vettel

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    A favourite of fans and drivers alike, the historic Belgian Grand Prix set in the Ardennes is well known for throwing up classic races, mainly due to the high likelihood of a rain-interrupted race.

    Sadly this year the rain stayed away, and it helped Sebastian Vettel to a comfortable 16.8-second win over chief rival Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

    Most of the drama actually happened after the race as carefully placed banners unfurled on the podium via remote control as part of Greenpeace's stunt to protest against Shell's plan to continue drilling for oil in the Arctic.

9. Webber’s Blazing Red Bull Causes Fire Truck Mayhem

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    The Korean Grand Prix was arguably the most chaotic of the season and involved a potentially dangerous fire truck situation.

    When Adrian Sutil lost control of his Force India into Turn 3, he collided with Mark Webber taking both of them out of the race. With Webber’s Red Bull set ablaze from the crash, a fire truck was deployed to deal with the situation and joined the circuit in a dangerous position with the cars still racing.

    Fortunately, race director Charlie Whiting responded in time to deploy a safety car and Vettel went on to take victory under late pressure from Raikkonen.

8. Webber Shows the Man Behind the Mask in Brazil

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    After Mark Webber crossed the finish line to bring down the curtain on a distinguished Formula One career, he took off his helmet on his slowing down lap and waved to the crowd.

    Webber had finished the race second to teammate and rival Sebastian Vettel and said afterwards the gesture was to show the fans the person behind the wheel, as quoted on Autosport.

    "In this sport, it's not always easy to show the person that's behind the wheel," Webber explained.

    We can in lots of other sports but in Formula 1 we've always got the helmet on so it was nice to drive back with the helmet off. The only time you're seen with the helmet off is on the podium if we have a good day. In the last sector, I got it a little bit jammed, so I think the marshals were a little bit worried that I couldn't turn left but in the end, it was fine.

7. Vettel’s Indian Donuts Not to Stewards Taste

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    The Indian Grand Prix will go down in history as the race where Sebastian Vettel clinched his fourth successive drivers’ title, and Red Bull won their fourth successive constructors’ crown.

    In truth, the race itself was short on drama, with Vettel romping to a victory by fully 30 seconds from closest challenger Nico Rosberg.

    Much of the excitement actually came at the end of the race when Vettel treated the crowd to a series of donuts to celebrate his record achievement on what may be the last ever Indian Grand Prix.

    The race stewards did not see the funny side and slapped a €25,000 fine for not following protocol and returning directly to parc ferme.

6. Vettel Impersonates Raikkonen After Abu Dhabi Donuts

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    Being fined for his victory donuts in India didn’t put Sebastian Vettel off repeating the trick following his victory in Abu Dhabi.

    His race engineer Guillaume (Rocky) Rocquelin told Vettel that this time he needs to bring the car back to Parc Ferme to which Vettel replied with his best Kimi Raikkonen impression, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what I'm doing.”

    Team boss Christian Horner didn’t seem overly happy, telling Vettel over the team radio that “you can pay this one”.

5. Cameraman Injured by Webber’s Flying Wheel

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    The second entry for what was an incident-packed German Grand Prix saw FOM cameraman Paul Allen lucky to escape with only his professional pride dented and a few broken ribs to boot.

    Sebastian Vettel led from Webber early on, but the Australian's race came to a dramatic end during his first stop when his right rear wheel detached and struck Allen, resulting in a broken collarbone, several broken ribs and a hefty €30,000 fine for Red Bull.

4. Webber Hitches a Lift in Singapore

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    The Singapore Grand Prix always provides a spectacular event, as it is the only full night race of the season.

    The race provided another utterly dominant performance from Sebastian Vettel, who led practically from start to finish, but he saw his early advantage eroded by a safety car period brought about by Daniel Ricciardo smashing into the barriers at Turn 18.

    It was not the end of the drama as Mark Webber was forced to drop back from fourth with a gearbox issue before retiring a lap from the end of the race.

    The Australian then took the chance to hitch a lift back to the pits on the sidepod of second-placed Fernando Alonso's Ferrari.

    Closed Circuit TV monitors revealed that Webber had actually come fairly close to the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg on their slowing down laps, and he was slapped with a 10-place grid penalty as a result.

3. Pirelli Goes Pop at Silverstone

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    Lars Baron/Getty Images

    Surely the British Grand Prix at Silverstone was the race that had it all this year and mainly thanks to the fallibility of Pirelli’s fast-wearing tyres.

    Lewis Hamilton looked well-placed for victory early on after leading away from pole, but a dramatic tyre blow-out on Lap 8 dropped him to last. The fact that he was able to fight his way back to fourth was some achievement but also owed much to the drama that was to follow as tyre failures on a further five cars threatened the cancellation of the race.

    Felipe Massa's tyre then failed two laps later, and a similar failure for Jean-Eric Vergne brought out the safety car. Perhaps the most dramatic delamination occurred when Sergio Perez's tyre exploded. Fernando Alonso requiring catlike reflexes to avoid the shards of metal and rubber catapulting towards his cockpit.

    When the dust settled, Sebastian Vettel looked set for victory before retiring with a technical issue with 11 laps remaining. It made for a dramatic finish as Mark Webber closed on Nico Rosberg after a second safety car period to remove Vettel's Red Bull.

    Webber was swarming all over the back of Rosberg with two laps remaining and surely would have won the race but for a poor start that dropped him to 13, but the German held out for a dramatic victory.

2. Kimi Get the F**k out of the Way!

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    Having been left frustrated at no team orders in Korea when he felt he should be let past Kimi Raikkonen, Romain Grosjean got his way in India.

    His tyres going off, Raikkonen was struggling to hold onto third place with Grosjean behind him on fresher tyres.

    But the Finn was not making life easy for his teammate despite Felipe Massa closing on both cars.

    Lotus trackside operations director Alan Permane had too much and exploded, telling Raikkonen to “get the f**k out of the way!”

    Raikkonen didn’t take kindly to being spoken to in that manner, responding "Don't shout, f*****. When I have a chance, but not in the middle of the fast corners."

    And the winner is...

1. Multi-21 Seb?

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    There could only be one winner for the moment of the year for 2013 and it will be one that is talked about for years to come.

    "Multi-21 Seb," said a furious Mark Webber to his teammate after Vettel had blatantly ignored team orders to fight and pass the Australian to win the Malaysian Grand Prix.

    Webber had been leading the race after the final pit stops, and Vettel was issued the order "Multi-21" to hold station behind Webber until the end of the race.

    But with the season only two races old, Vettel didn't want to know and fought Webber for position before passing with 13 laps of the race remaining.

    Vettel initially apologised for his "mistake," saying that if he could undo it he would. He later retracted it by telling BBC Sport "The bottom line is that I was racing. I was faster. I passed him. I won."

    For the record, Lewis Hamilton took third from teammate Nico Rosberg after the latter obeyed team orders to remain behind Hamilton despite seemingly having the faster car as Hamilton acknowledged on BBC Sport.

    "I can't say it's the best feeling being up here today. If I'm honest I really feel Nico should be standing here."


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