NFL Power Rankings 2.0

Blaize PenningtonCorrespondent IMay 30, 2009

Earlier this week I did a slideshow that ranked all 32 teams. I spent hours working on the research and figuring out where I wanted teams to be. Check it out if you want to know where I am coming from as far as research goes.

Now I've read all the comments you have posted. I am taking many of these into consideration for my second version of the power rankings.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers +0
I've got to stand by this pick. They are still a great team, only losing a few guys. Rashard Mendenhall comes back, and they have the easiest schedule in the league.

2. New England Patriots +3
I'm moving this pick up. Barring another injury to Tom Brady or Brady just not coming back the same, the Patriots are one of the top teams in the league.

3. Chicago Bears -1
I'm sticking by my pick for the Bears to be a top team this year. They went 9-7 last year and lost five of their games by a touchdown or less. With a player like Jay Cutler, you are always in the game, and had they had him last year, they may have won those five games.

4. New York Giants +3
The Giants had an amazing year last year. Though they lost their go-to receiver, they still have the three receivers they drafted in the last three years. Steve Smith was a second round pick; Mario Manningham was a third round pick; and Hakeem Nicks was a first round pick.

5. Tennessee Titans -2
OK, I'm going to back my team down the rankings a couple spots. Many people suggested this team wouldn't be good, and last year was a fluke. They are returning 20 of 22 starters and only got better at the wide receiver position. No, their schedule isn't as cupcake as it was last year, but they are still a great team until proved otherwise.

6. San Diego Chargers +4
The Chargers finished the season strong last year. They have a healthy Shawn Merriman, and the rest of their team is back. If Phillip Rivers continues to play like he has, they may be the team to beat in the AFC.

7. Carolina Panthers -3
I'm not sure what they did to win all of those games last year, but it apparently worked. It had something to do with their amazing ground game. They haven't changed much this year, and I expect them to be at the top of the league again.

8. Minnesota Vikings +0
I like where I have the Vikings again this year. They were a playoff team last year and expect them to contend for the playoffs again this year.

9. Atlanta Falcons -3
I really like the Falcons going into this next season, however they did lose two key linebackers in their defense. Sure, they got Mike Peterson, but he's not as good as two guys. They also lost Lawyer Milloy.

10. Philadelphia Eagles +3
There were some good points that the Eagles are a good team once again this year. Just to make things clear, in my last article I put them at 13 because I felt they would miss the playoffs. Here at 10 they would still miss the playoffs, but they will definitely contend for the NFC East.

11. Baltimore Ravens +4
Well, the Ravens are good again this year. I moved them up because I think as long as Joe Flacco doesn't have a sophomore slump, they will be a dominant team.

12. Houston Texans -1
That's right, the Houston Texans. Every year they look better and better, and this year will be the year they finally make the playoffs.

13. New Orleans Saints +1
This will really depend on if Pierre Thomas can step up and run the ball. Last year he did a pretty good job, but with no Deuce McAllister to run between the tackles, it could be a rough year. And for anyone who mentions Reggie Bush, he doesn't run between the tackles very well.

14. Arizona Cardinals -2
The Cardinals will make the playoffs as long as the Seahawks don't step up and take their throne back. Which team will we see this season: the team during the season, or the playoff team that made it to the Super Bowl?

15. Buffalo Bills -7
This is my biggest change. I moved them down so far because they don't have a star quarterback, and their tailback is in trouble with the league and won't play for the first four games.

16. Indianapolis Colts +1
I switched the Colts and the Redskins just because I think the Colts can beat the Redskins. But the Colts will have an off-year thanks to three coaching changes.

17. Washington Redskins -1
The Redskins are usually a playoff contending team, but it's going to be hard being in the NFC East. They overpaid Haynesworth and had to let others go to make up for it.

18. Miami Dolphins +2
I'm really counting the Dolphins out, considering how well they did last season. The reason they are so low is because the have the hardest schedule in the league. Not to mention, they have to play a Patriot team with Tom Brady twice.

19. Green Bay Packers +2
The Packers will be one of those hit or miss teams. Aaron Rodgers played great, but his team still lost, which seems to be what Denver was doing with Jay Cutler last season.

20. Dallas Cowboys -1
I think this will be a rough year for the Cowboys. However, they could always surprise us. By the way the NFC East, is the first division to have all four teams named.

21. San Fransisco 49ers -3
A lot of people don't think they will do well because they don't have a good quarterback. Well, they haven't had a quarterback for a while, and yet they manage to finish in the middle of the league thanks to their poor division.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars +0
Jacksonville is one year removed from being a trendy Super Bowl pick. They lost their leader on defense, Mike Peterson, so they won't make the playoffs this year, especially not in the AFC South.

23. Seattle Seahawks +2
The Seahawks are a good team that was plagued with injuries last year. I just think they are going to have to start looking younger, especially at quarterback.

24. Cincinnati Bengals +2
The Bengals defense showed life towards the end of the season, which is promise for Bengals fans everywhere. However, until Carson Palmer shows me he can still be a great quarterback, they will be in the bottom half of my power rankings.

25. Oakland Raiders +4
The only reason I've put the Raiders so high is because they will easily have at least four wins from facing the Broncos and the Chiefs. The brought in Jeff Garcia to mentor JaMarcus Russell, which I think is a fantastic idea.

26. Cleveland Browns -2
They lost Kellen Winslow, but luckily they still have Braylon Edwards. Can Brady Quinn step up and be the quarterback they've needed for so long?

27. New York Jets -4
Mark Sanchez is the new face of their franchise, but they lost their star receiver, which is why I don't think they will be very good this year.

28. Detroit Lions -1
The Lions made a lot of good offseason moves, and Culpepper might be able to win a game now that he will have an offseason with the team.

29. Kansas City Chiefs +1
They bring in a young guy who they think can be their franchise quarterback, and then get rid of his No. 1 potential target.

30. Denver Broncos +1
This team is going to have some issues with team chemistry to start. However, about half way through the season they will start figuring everything out, though I still don't expect them to win more than six games.

31. St. Louis Rams +1
They are building an offensive line for Marc Bulger. Maybe that will help Stephen Jackson, too.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4
Tampa is starting from scratch with a new head coach, new quarterback, and a younger defense. They lose some good players in Phillip Buccanon, Jovan Haye, Derrick Brooks, and Cato June.

So there you have it, my new picks. Please let me know what you think.


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