7 Greatest Slammy Award Winners of All Time

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterDecember 2, 2013

7 Greatest Slammy Award Winners of All Time

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    The top winners of the WWE Slammy Awards is a list of Hall of Famers, megastars and all-time greats.

    Those gold statuettes don't have the prestige or history of the Academy Awards. Still, the best to ever hoist those trophies are names that appear on many "best of" lists, from Bret Hart to John Cena, Undertaker to CM Punk.

    To decide the greatest winners of the Slammy Awards, more serious awards such as Match of the Year have more weight than the sillier fare like Best Bow Tie.

    The best Slammy award winners are ranked here based on number of awards won, the quality and significance of those awards, as well as the time frame in which the wrestler won the awards. Winning three awards in three different years trumps three in a single ceremony as it shows the longevity of one's greatness rather than simply having a hot year.

Honorable Mention

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    The Miz and John Morrison each earned two Slammy awards in 2008—one for being the best tag team and the other for their webcast "The Dirt Sheet," which earned them Best WWE.com Exclusive. 

    Not winning any awards beyond 2008 keeps them from making the list. They do, however, earn an honorable mention thanks to being one of only two teams to ever win the Tag Team of the Year award.

    Zack Ryder has won four Slammys, thanks largely to his impact on the Internet. That puts him in select company, but his awards lack the significance of the men above him. 

    Most Annoying Catchphrase doesn't have the same weight as Superstar of the Year.

    Triple H won one of those more serious awards, claiming Match of the Year in 2012 for his bout against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII. "The Game" also won for Best Hair in 1997 and OMG Moment of the Year in 2011.

    Those three statuettes make for an impressive mantle display, but Triple H didn't win nearly as many awards as the men above him or, in one Superstar's case, have as many significant awards.

7. Chris Jericho

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    • Superstar of the Year (2008)
    • Tag Team of the Year (2009)

    Despite winning half the amount of Slammys as Zack Ryder, Chris Jericho slides into the seventh spot because his only two awards are so meaty.

    He and Big Show won the last Tag Team of the Year award to be handed out. A year before that, Jericho was named the top Superstar in the company. Those are the kind of awards Jericho can be genuinely proud of while winning Best Hair a la Triple H is more of something to chuckle about.

    It's surprising that Jericho didn't win any Match of the Year awards for as often as he's put on a classic bout.

    He did, however, get recognized for his fantastic heel run in 2008 and 2009, when he channeled Nick Bockwinkel and become a quieter, colder version of himself.

6. Sheamus

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    • Breakout Star of the Year (2009)
    • Superstar/Diva Most in Need of Make-up (2010)
    • Outstanding Achievement in Muppet Resemblance (2011)
    • Feat of Strength of the Year (2012)

    Sheamus has won a Slammy award for four consecutive years now. That's a rare feat, especially considering how often the ceremony has gone on hiatus.

    Breakout Star of the Year is the equivalent of a Rookie of the Year award in sports. Since then, Sheamus has won less significant awards, including one centered around him looking like Beaker from The Muppets.

    Even with three fluff-like awards, Sheamus' total number of wins and the fact that they came in four different years puts him just above Chris Jericho.

5. Bret Hart

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    • Put a Fork in Him, He's Done (1996)
    • Best Music Video (1996)
    • Which WWF champion, past or present, in attendance, is Hall of Fame bound? (1996)
    • Match of the Year (1996)

    1996 was kind to Bret Hart.

    The first Slammys ceremony after an eight-year hiatus saw "The Hitman" walk away with three awards worth boasting about and one of the filler variety. The Put a Fork in Him, He's Done award sounds like a silly one, but it actually awards the year's best finishing move.

    Had the awards been active in the early '90s, Hart would surely have won more, especially Match of the Year. Instead, the Slammys remained dormant while he did much of his best work. That leaves him with only four statues from a single year, keeping him from claiming a higher spot in the rankings.

4. CM Punk

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    • OMG Moment of the Year (2008)
    • Shocker of the Year (2009)
    • Despicable Me (2010)
    • Superstar of the Year (2011)
    • "Pipe Bomb" of the Year (2011)
    • Slammy Award for T-Shirt of the Year (2011)

    CM Punk, like Sheamus, had a four-year run going. Big moments have been his entryway to these awards, including cashing in his Money in the Bank contract in 2008, forcing Jeff Hardy to leave WWE in 2009 and delivering his famous worked shoot promo in 2011.

    The Despicable Me award from 2010 came courtesy of his rivalry with Rey Mysterio, during which he harassed Mysterio's family.

    Punk's six Slammys, including Superstar of the Year in 2011, has him edge out the men behind him on this list. He won them in a four-year span, which gets him into the top five despite the forgettable nature of winning best T-shirt.

    His performances this year against Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and John Cena could very well have him add a Match of the Year award to his collection.

3. John Cena

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    • Superstar of the Year (2009)
    • Holy $#!+ Move of the Year (2010) 
    • Game Changer of the Year (2011)
    • Superstar of the Year (2010)
    • Insult of the Year (2012) 
    • Kiss of the Year (2012) 
    • Superstar of the Year (2012)

    Of the five times that WWE has crowned a Superstar of the Year at the Slammys, John Cena has won it three times.

    Kissing AJ Lee and throwing out a juvenile insult Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero's way earned him two of his six Slammys, but the rest are comprised of him either being the biggest star of the year or else providing one of the most-talked about moments of the year.

    Since the Slammys came out of hibernation in 2008, CM Punk and John Cena have compiled more awards than anyone. Cena's two Superstar of the Year awards to Punk's one has him edge past his rival here.

2. Undertaker

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    • WWF's Greatest Hit (1996) 
    • Best Tattoo (1997)
    • Best Entrance Music (1997)
    • Star of the Highest Magnitude (1997)
    • Match of the Year (2009) 
    • Moment of the Year (2010) 
    • OMG Moment of the Year (2011) 
    • Match of the Year (2012) 

    The Star of the Highest Magnitude award has only been handed out once. The Undertaker was a fitting recipient as a top star for several years in a row.

    His longevity is on display when looking at his Slammy award collection. The Slammys were only around for three years in the '90s, and Undertaker took home four trophies in that span. A decade later, when WWE brought the Slammys back, he won one for four straight years.

    Considering Match of the Year has only been handed out five times, one would think that winning it twice would guarantee one a top spot on a list of the greatest Slammy award winners.

    The man he won it with in 2009 surpasses him by winning it four times, though.

1. Shawn Michaels

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    • Best Slammin' Jammin' Entrance (1996)
    • Best Threads (1996)
    • Squared Circle Shocker (1996) 
    • Master of Mat Mechanics (1996)
    • Match of the Year (1996) 
    • Leader of the New Generation (1996)
    • Best Finisher (1997)
    • Match of the Year (1997) 
    • Match of the Year (2008) 
    • Match of the Year (2009) 
    • Moment of the Year (2010) 

    Take away the sillier fare like Best Threads and Best Slammin' Jammin' Entrance from Shawn Michaels, and he still has the best collection of Slammys in WWE history.

    The only time that a Match of Year award was handed out in which Michaels didn't wrestle was in 2012 when "The Heartbreak Kid" was already retired. One could argue he deserves a share of that award as well, though, as he provided plenty of drama as the guest referee for Triple H vs. Undertaker in the Hell in a Cell.

    His other awards, including Master of Mat Mechanics and Leader of the New Generation, are definitely prizes to be proud of.

    Michaels has dominated the Slammys in two different decades, winning an impressive 11 awards, an achievement that should have him add "Mr. Slammys" to his list of nicknames.


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