Ashes 2013 Cricket Video Game Pulled After 6 Days Because It's Hilariously Bad

Mark Patterson@@MarkPattersonBRUK Staff WriterNovember 28, 2013

Ashes 2013, the official video game to mark cricket's fiercest rivalry, has been pulled from sale after a wave of criticism from fans who bought it.

Video games journalists and the public alike have panned the game, and its publisher 505 Games have issued an apology and offered refunds to those who had spent their money on it.

It only came out Nov. 22—less than a week ago.

You can see footage of the game above, complete with a rotating bowler, tragicomic fielding and an all-run six. Just like you never, ever, ever see in the real thing.

Wow, the Ashes 2013 video game is awful. How are they allowed to release this? http://t.co/CXXRxZmtmq

— Michael Williams (@miketbh) November 24, 2013

Wow, 505 Games has "cancelled" Ashes Cricket 2013. http://t.co/yJ8RXDeCSP Can you cancel a game after it's been released? How bizarre.

— Danny O'Dwyer (@dannyodwyer) November 28, 2013

The game had already been delayed from a proposed summer release, and in quotes via David Lee of the BBC, 505 Games laid the blame at the foot of Australian-based developers Trickstar.

The development of Ashes Cricket 2013 has been fraught with challenges almost from the outset.

The chosen developer, even with their many years of cricket game development experience, was unable to overcome the unexpected challenges that the chosen game engine threw up, even with multiple extensions to the development schedule.

At the start of the project, 505 Games received all assurances from the developer that the engine was up to the task of creating a dynamic, cutting-edge cricket game for the modern age across multiple platforms, and unfortunately those assurances were found to be misplaced."

Our deepest apologies, however, are reserved for the fans of cricket and cricket games worldwide.

The game had only been released on PC to date, via an online store, but there were future plans for releases on major console formats Xbox 360, Wii U and Playstation 3. These will no longer happen.

I'm struggling to understand why Ashes Cricket 2013 was pulled from sale. It's the comedy game of the year: http://t.co/ssNzJOZG89

— Peter Parrish (@ppazuzu) November 27, 2013

Cricket has rarely produced great video games—perhaps because of the complexities of the game are hard to recreate and perhaps because there is not the same market—and thus, potential rewards for developers to work on the game are less than as there are in, say, football and American sports.

Nonetheless, there have been popular video game versions of the game in the past such as the Brian Lara Cricket series.


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