Croatian MMA Fighter Ends Match in 15 Seconds with Insane Head-Kick Knockout

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterNovember 21, 2013

An MMA fight in Slovenia was brought to a sudden, jaw-smashing end when Croatian fighter Ivica Truscek leveled a devastating knockout kick to the face of his opponent (skip to the 5:10 mark for the kick).

The ridiculous knockout was spotted by the good people at MiddleEasy.com (h/t Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead). 

According to MiddleEasy’s account, the kick occurred at Final Fight Championship 9 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, last Friday. Like all kicks to the head, it resulted in zero percent fun for the victim, Italian fighter Leonardo Zecchi.

The fight was over before either combatant could land a punch. The men bobbed back and forth, sizing each other up and circling. A pair of low kicks were traded, and then Truscek let fly the calamitous head kick.

His foot found Zecchi’s jaw a mere 15 seconds into the first round, and the Italian was left drifting through darkness on the canvas.

There’s no understating the brutality of a head kick delivered by a guy nicknamed “Terror” Truscek.

GIF via The Big Lead

Ugh. Crunchy.

One can only marvel at the durability of the human body after seeing Zecchi take this kick, get up and then wryly mutter what appears to be congratulations to Truscek. 

I don’t know what the Italian said, but I can imagine it was something along the lines of “Bro, I did not see that coming. Bravo.”

Even more ridiculous than the head kick was Truscek’s reaction to pulping Zecchi’s mandible. He didn't even blink. The Croatian stepped back and watched calmly as the referee tended to the fallen fighter.

Considering that 14 of Truscek’s 24 victories as an MMA fighter have come by KO or TKO, he's probably landed that kick before and knows the results are no joking matter. 

Both men hugged it out, and one of the shortest and most violent MMA matches in recent memory came to a close. 

This is why you have to love mixed martial arts. It’s the only sport where someone can get kicked in the face and still exchange pleasantries when the match ends.

In the face? In the faaaaace.

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