Sitting Down with Poz: Talking Aaron Maybin, Iraq, and Defensive MVP

Kyle RichardsonCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - 2008:  Paul Posluszny of the Buffalo Bills poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Orchard Park, New York.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Paul Posluszny earned Bills Defensive MVP honors last season while leading the team with 110 tackles, adding one forced fumble and one interception. This despite sitting out all but three games in ‘07 his rookie season, with a broken forearm.

Overcoming an injury is nothing new to “Poz” as he was carted off the field in the Orange Bowl in 2005, his junior year at Penn State, and endured six months of rehab to repair sprained ligaments in his knee.

"Two little ligaments in your body, if they go wrong, can have a huge impact on everything else," Posluszny said. "It's been a very humbling experience."

His incredible work ethic, in which he used to jog downfield with a 100-pound plate in each hand, has been something that Bills players have admired in his two years with the Bills.

Players mention his leadership ability in the locker room and his hard work and poise on the field, in only his third year.

Considering Poz’s hardwork and production in college it’s no wonder those skills have translated to success in the NFL.  

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As we approach training camp here are some of the questions I will be asking Posluszny:

With all of the free agent acquisitions and draft picks, how excited are you about this upcoming season?

You played at Penn State as a senior with then freshman Aaron Maybin. What is it going to be like playing alongside a fellow Nittany Lion and how do you think he’ll help the Bills pass rush?

A lot of people describe you as a selfless and noble person. With Memorial Day just passing by, what did you take back from Iraq when you went over there to watch the Super Bowl with the soldiers?

Explain what it felt like to be carted off the field during the Orange Bowl? Compare that to getting hurt last year during week three vs. New England.

How did you bounce back from missing almost your entire rookie season to becoming the Bills Defensive MVP last season?

How did you benefit from having Marcus Stroud in the middle?

Since playing in practice with Trent Edwards for two years now, have you seen a development in his confidence? 

How do you think he will adapt to possibly having new offensive sets with more freedom and having to read defenses?

Who has been the hardest quarterback to read so far in your young career?

How has teammate Kawika Mitchell, member of the 2007 Giants Super Bowl XLII Champions, helped you in being the quarterback of this defense.  

How did your first season with radio communication go, and what issues (if any) did you and DiGiorgio face while using them?

What kinds of changes have been talked about already this offseason between you and the defensive coaches?

How far will the Bills go in 2009?

Poz is quite possibly one of the most underrated linebackers in the league. An early Sporting News ranking put him 19th behind several other younger linebackers with less tackles.

This year Posluszny looks to exceed that ranking while leading a mixed group of quality veterans, and rookie Buffalo Bills linebackers.

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