The Craziest Looking Championship Rings in Sports

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2013

The Craziest Looking Championship Rings in Sports

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    We all know that the one thing every athlete pours their sweat, blood and tears into is the quest to collect a championship ring.

    By the time a player gets to the pros, pretty much all of them have tons of trophies from their younger days, but what separates them from all the rest is that world title.

    And as we've seen once they actually do get handed that pretty little box with the diamond encrusted piece of jewelry in their hands, it shines brighter than the summer sun.

    That's why I'm taking a look at some of the craziest looking championship rings ever, because a diamond might be a girl's best friend, but no one ever said athletes can't like them just as much.

Detroit Red Wings (2008)

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    If diamonds are your thing, then the Detroit Red Wings title ring from 2008 probably puts a huge smile on your face.

    The added effect of having all the franchise's Cup wins on the side is a nice little touch, along with the franchise logo placed over the Stanley Cup on the very front.

    It may have been the team's most recent title, but they have enough bling on there to cover these past couple of unsuccessful seasons.

St. Louis Cardinals (2011)

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    One thing that really looks cool about this ring is that it's more curved than others—which are mostly squared—giving it a very futuristic look.

    When you notice that the sides actually have a mini replica of the facade at the new Busch Stadium, it makes it even more unique.

    The contrast of the rubied logo over the white diamonds makes this thing pop for sure.

New England Patriots (2005)

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    If you're wondering why Russian President Vladimir Putin tried copping Patriots owner Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring back in 2005, now you can probably see why.

    With a design that represents the franchise's three Super Bowls since 2002, this ring is the equivalent to "The Works" on a pizza, with a ton of different diamonds and cool effects—like the Pats' logo in the middle over the Lombardi trophies.

New York Yankees (2009)

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    Leave it the the New York Yankees to have one of the most lavish championship rings I've ever laid my eyes on.

    As if just putting a ton of diamonds over that classic Yankee navy blue color wasn't enough, the team designed one that has an entire infield on the front, and the new stadium on one of the sides.

    It's simplified, classy and brash—kind of like a damn Yankee.

Miami Heat (2013)

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    After seeing the newest piece of jewelry that the Miami Heat just got last week, I can now tell why LeBron James left Cleveland for South Beach back in 2010—though I'm still pissed about it.

    This thing makes quite the statement.

    Not only does it have multiple diamonds all over it, but it actually kind of resembles the whole "White Hot" campaign the team has taken on the past few years by mixing in the black and gold with all that bling.

Los Angeles Kings (2012)

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    Now that I think of it, I'm actually a little disappointed that I didn't put the L.A. Kings Stanley Cup ring a little bit higher on this list.

    After seeing this ring for the first time earlier, my jaw basically dropped and I literally mouthed, "WOW!" because of the way this was designed.

    The whole idea of having the logo on top of the Stanley Cup Trophy was genius, giving it a personal touch like few other rings actually have.

    Without that little extra personalization, I'm not sure this ring would have been much different than most.

San Francisco Giants (2010 and 2012)

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    If one ring is good, two is even better.

    As I pointed out a bit earlier with the Miami Heat's recent ring to celebrate their back-to-back titles, the San Francisco Giants' pair are just about as stylish.

    Though they didn't come in successive seasons, both have unique designs that help them shine—no pun intended.

    The 2010 version is rounded and a little bit more youthful, looking more like a class ring from high school than a professional sports title.

    The 2012 one is fit for a king, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to the amount of diamonds a piece can have.

Baltimore Ravens (2013)

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    As a division rival, I probably should ignore the great design that the Baltimore Ravens' newest Super Bowl ring has. But it's just too difficult to ignore—this ring is amazing.

    The contrast of the purple on top of the diamonds makes it look incredible, and I like the mention to the previous Super Bowl title with the extra Lombardi Trophy in there.

    In fact, this was so sweet that a Ravens fan decided to make it into a cake at his wedding.

Los Angeles Lakers (2009)

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    If there's any question about why Kobe Bryant wants to win another NBA title, just take a look at the 2009 version of his collection to see his motivation—besides trying to catch Jordan.

    Forget the diamonds and all the flash for a second and take a look at the inscribed image of the player's face on his own ring—which was a first on any championship ring.

    That's a pretty cool feature that hopefully more teams will use moving forward.

Chicago Blackhawks (2013)

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    This thing stands out like a sore thumb.

    And if you happen to be a member of the Blackhawks team that won last year's Stanley Cup, it's the same thumb you're probably wearing it on.

    Anytime a ring can get more than just one color on it, I think it looks rad. So having the red and black rubies mixed with the flawless diamonds was a great call.

Pittsburgh Penguins (2009)

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    This ring might have just convinced me to become a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, because it's super stylish and has all the goods.

    The Pens' logo in itself is dope, so when you put it over a bunch of diamonds, it looks a hell of a lot cooler.

    The sides pay tribute to the previous titles the team won, along with placing the logos of the teams the most current squad beat on their way to hoisting the Cup.

New York Giants (2012)

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    Resembling something like a spaceship more than a piece of jewelry, the most recent of the New York Giants' Super Bowl rings is just amazing.

    It features all four titles the team has ever won and includes blue sapphires lining the logo and border of the top.

    The added color makes it jump a little more than just sticking to an all-white or gold design—which quarterback Eli Manning seemed to like.

Florida Marlins (2003)

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    The Marlins may have gone through a name change from Florida to just Miami—and fallen on hard times lately—but don't be fooled into forgetting about their past.

    How could you after looking at this fine piece of jewelry, though?

    If South Beach is known for its flair, than this ring represents the city well, featuring a combination of white and yellow gold, a huge Marlins logo and diamonds and rubies all over it.

    In fact, the normally frugal Marlins actually splurged on these, spending nearly $20,000 per ring—making them the most expensive MLB has ever seen.

Pittsburgh Steelers (2009)

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    I may hate the Pittsburgh Steelers, but getting "one for the thumb" turned out being a very good thing for the city and franchise.

    Not only did it end that annoying song that fans always used to sing—kind of—but they decked the title ring out big time.

    A couple different rubies mixed with six main diamonds on top to signify the amount of titles in its history, along with the mixture of black and gold makes this nearly perfect—besides the team awarded them, of course.

Dallas Mavericks (2011)

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    Everything that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban does is loud and attention-grabbing, so should we have expected anything differently once his team finally won an NBA title a few years ago?

    Told by his players that they wanted the most expensive thing in the store, Cuban couldn't quite drop that much coin on the rings—thanks to NBA restrictions—but he still managed to splurge on a $1.4 million bill.

    With Cuban being worth about $2.5 billion though, what's a cool mill to help his guys celebrate in style?

    Oh right, it's nothing.


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