From Worthless to Worthwhile: Why the AFC Hates the 2009 Miami Dolphins

Wilson ManigatContributor IMay 26, 2009

Tom Brady is back, Matt Cassel has been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, Terrell Owens inks a deal with the Bills to spark life into a helpless wide receiving corps, the Jets sign Bart Scott, (probably the biggest move in this year’s Free Agency) and the Dolphins sign several players under the age of 27?

You can feel the electricity in the air, the passion in the veins of every sports fan around the world...yet for some odd reason the only question on everyone’s mind is…

Just what are those Dolphins up to?

But can you blame them?

In 2008, the Dolphins were expected to finish under the season average and last in the AFC east with no more than 4-5 games to their name.

Surprisingly, they took the league by storm and won their division with ease, finishing with an 11-5 record, but why all the “hoopla” about the Dolphins now?

Maybe it’s because they achieved much of their success last year with one formation that many teams overlooked.


Perhaps it was the fact that, though not a star, Pennington was the only consistent quarterback in the division, mainly on the east.

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A fluke you say?

Parcells failed in the offseason to get seasoned veterans, not to mention Tom Brady is back and all is right with the world you add.

On the contrary, that is exactly what has most teams in the AFC shook—the fact that the Dolphins won as much as they did with a young supporting cast. Some question the Dolphin’s front office and Bill Parcells' thinking as senile when in actuality it is pure genius.

Just as an old college coach, whom many may consider to be washed up for not going for the bigger better talent, Parcells sees the bigger picture and that bigger picture is growth.

Instead of buying into the “name game," stick with what you have and build from within.

By doing so, you are placing responsibility on young men who are still hungry for football and will not be wrapped up in salary issues, endorsements etc. You are also allowed to develop a system that a young team will believe in and strive to execute.

Sure, Miami could have gotten wide receiver Laveranues Cole who Parcells drafted in 2000, but he just doesn’t fit the mold.

Why not just stick with the raw receiving corps that you have and force healthy competition instead of picking up a veteran receiver to disrupt that flow?

It makes sense; less is more and many will never see the logic until a couple of years from now when the Dolphins are winning the Super bowl.

The Miami Dolphin’s are the talk of the town.

Maybe the AFC needs to get as hungry as the Dolphins are. They should order a big plate of “Let’s realize the Dolphins are a threat” with a side of “Dust yourself off and try again” because the Dolphins are in it to win it!

Why the AFC east needs to worry about the Dolphins:

Because Tom Brady won’t bring the same excitement this year…

Tom Brady is back from an ACL injury suffered last season, and the Pats are expected to win the division...I beg to differ.

The Patriots recently acquired RB Fred Taylor and WR Joey Galloway to a super bowl potent team, but even if they scored 30 plus points a game, winning the east will be tough with the Dolphins in hindsight.

Some are optimistic about Brady’s return—I’m a realist.

Brady will not be the same as he was in 2007 when he threw 50 touchdown passes, and you can take my word on that.

Terrell Owens, sadly, is the best thing going for the Buffalo Bill’s weak Offense.

This year, T.O. finds himself playing on a team that has no comparison to any of his previous teams (Dallas Cowboys, Eagles, and 49ers).

Even then, T.O always had well established quarterbacks to deliver him the ball and, with the release of J.P Lossman, (who has been horrible since being drafted) Owen must now depend on an unproven Trent Edwards.

Here is another situation where you have a great athlete facing a tragic dilemma—no QB, a horrible O-line, and no receiver to compliment him.

Again, I don’t see the Bills posing any threat to anyone.

J.E.T.S: Just Evading The Situation

The Jets have some serious situations that must be resolved in the upcoming weeks: how to fix a suspect defense and who the QB will be in the season opener.

Will it be Kellen Clemens or Mark Sanchez?

Regardless, the Jets are in a rebuilding phase right now, leaving the east open for the Dolphins and the Patriots.

If I had to put my money on it, I’d choose the Dolphins.

Nonetheless, the Dolphins have their work cut out for them.

Is it possible to win the east?

Yes, if they can knock off the Patriots.

Can the Phins have the same success in winning 11 games this season?

Anything is possible.

In the end, the only threat standing in the Dolphins way of another playoff run in the East is the Patriots. If the Patriots fail to produce then the Dolphins will rule the east.

Your comments are welcomed, but that’s just my nickel with a three-cent rebate.

Take care.


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