Pro Football Weekly Off-Base About Michael Vick, the Redskins

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst IMay 25, 2009

Sussex, VA - NOVEMBER 25:  Protesters hold signs outside Surry County Circuit Court where suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick after plead guilty on two felony counts connected to dog fighting on November 25, 2008 in Sussex, Virginia. Under a plea agreement, Vick, who is currently serving a term in prison for federal dog fighting charges, will serve one-year of probation for the state charges. He is scheduled to be released on July of 2009.  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)

Last week in their "Whispers—NFC" section, Pro Football Weekly "reported" the following:

Would the Redskins take a chance on Michael Vick? Don't rule it out. Owner Daniel Snyder loves the big splash and might be willing to gamble on Vick, who grew up in nearby Newport News, Va. There's no question that the Redskins would like an upgrade at quarterback with Jason Campbell entering the final year of his deal, and they likely would be willing to gamble on players with questionable character, given the $54 million deal they gave to CB DeAngelo Hall.

Where to start with this nonsense? First of all, there is no source cited. The title "Whispers" implies that the content is some sort of inside information that was discreetly passed along to an investigative journalist. This is "Voices in My Head."

This is a writer sitting at his keyboard just dreaming stuff up. He is connecting dots that he drew.

Also the thought of jettisoning Jason Campbell in favor of a quarterback whose career rating is five points lower than Campbell's is questionable at best. Add in the fact that said quarterback will have accumulated at least two and possibly three years of rust and the notion that Vick would be an "upgrade" is just plain stupid.

Yes, Snyder likes the "big splash" but putting the quarterback position in the hands of Vick would not be a splash, it would be lunacy.

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Even if Snyder was prone to engage in lunacy he isn't likely to make a move that would take cash out of his pocket. Vick is a lightning rod and Washington is the political correctness capital of the world.

It appears that the Redskins are having difficulty selling season tickets (I've received two phone calls offering me non-premium seats in the past month) and Snyder would be risking disaster from the backlash that would come from the convicted dog killer taking snaps for the home team at FedEx Field.

PFW isn't the first media outlet to talk about Vick going to the Redskins and they won't be the last. What makes this little entry so ridiculous, though, is the last part equating DeAngelo Hall's character to that of Vick.

Certainly Hall is not angel and a case can be made that the Redskins took a gamble in giving him some $23 million in guaranteed money. He whined and pouted his way out of two organizations and had some noteworthy clashes with coaches.

In 2007, he was fined $10,000 for showing support for Vick, his teammate both with the Atlanta Falcons and at Virginia Tech, by displaying "MV7" in the black shade under his eyes. The "MeAngelo" moniker is well earned.

Hall is not, however, has not been convicted of multiple felonies. He has not spent two years in the federal pen. He did not drown dogs. To compare his character to that of Vick, who has all of that on his character resume and much more, is an outrage.

Let's say I hired someone who had been convicted of picking pockets. By PFW's logic, I also would hire Bernie Madoff. Both the pickpocket and Madoff stole money, right?

PFW used to be a reliable source for NFL news and views. Made up hit pieces like this one have brought it down to the level of the National Enquirers of the world.