Ron Mexico Deserves a Break

Nick StejContributor IMay 23, 2009

30 Dec 2001: Michael Vick # 7 of the Atlanta Falcons tries to evade the Miami Dolphins defense in the fourth quarter at ProPlayer Stadium in Miami Florida. Dolphins won 21-14. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Eliot Schechter/Getty Images

Michael Vick and the thugs on his property hanged, drowned, electrocuted, and crushed several failed fighting dogs that may have proven to be delicious in some Southeast Asian countries. 

Here are the USA facts: Serving a prison sentence means that you did your time and have theoretically been rehabilitated and in theory will not be a repeat offender.  You have the right to apply for any job but may be excluded for various reasons, including those cloudy things referred to as character issues. 

Pacman never ate the grapes in the clink, but Roger the Hammer let him back. This negates the lying to the Fuhrer as an argument for not letting Vick back into the NFL

When he gets back on the field, don’t boo this criminal. He’s a tumor on society, but not one as fatal as Leonard Little (story) or Jerramy Stevens (allegedly). Little killed someone’s mother while drunk driving and got caught drunk driving shortly after. 

Stevens’ alleged antics are well detailed in the linked story.  I like watching the Bucs every week, but must recoil physically every time the alleged rapist No. 86 scores. 

The obvious destination for Vick is sunny Frisco.  If Alex Smith is ever connected with drugs, he’ll be a bigger draft bust than Ryan LeafSmith’s stats are ho-rendous.  He’s almost as bad as Leaf, but he’s been on a better team and hasn’t shown the ass showed by Leaf. 

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The right situation for Vick is Tennessee

“Wait, they already have a fast, rocket-armed QB who is also black.”  —non-NFL source

Vick is different. He’ll revert to infant form for his coaches because he wants to be rich again and is open to strong suggestion. He’ll take the training like a young Air to the throne. 

Let’s get into black quarterbacks as an aside, just to get it out of the way.  Randall was ridiculous and fearless—one of my heroes as a fast, athletic kid with a strong arm and no accuracy.  Vick wasn’t as good as Randall and never came close. That’s the guy I always compared Vick to.

Getting back to the point, the average black QB is fast, has a rocket arm, and can’t locate a pass (exceptions: Moon, Williams, Cunningham). The black QB just won’t happen for real for some reason. I thought Leftwich was the kind of tough, slow-footed honkeyish QB that could bring it but alas, I suppose. 

Air was different. 

Remember Air McNair? He was a running QB or sorts. Remember Steve McNair?  He became one of the finer quarterbacks we’ve seen in the last decade. 

Latent-racist digression aside, McNair obviously wasn’t as fast as Vick, but Fisher or somebody on his staff reeled him in and kept McNair in the pocket. McNair could move—and fast, but he only ran when he had to. Could Fisher pick up Vick and mold him into a more athletic but less talented McNair? 

The Titans should pick up Vick, give him the McNair treatment, prevent him from leaving the pocket during practice, and develop a potential weapon. 

Here’s a hint, Fisher—give him a pocket arrest anklet on the first day of camp. It seems to be working for his parole officer. 

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