Why Do Derek Anderson Fans Have Selective Memories?

Erin McLaughlinSenior Analyst IIMay 22, 2009

CLEVELAND - NOVEMBER 30:  Derek Anderson #3 of the Cleveland Browns leaves the field in the fourth quarter after being injured while playing the of the Indianapolis Colts on November 30, 2008 at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Indianapolis won the game 10-6.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Mini camps have been happening all over the NFL this week. In Cleveland the talk is about the new regime that consists of the front office, coaches, and many new players.

The other talk is about the much publicized quarterback battle between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson.

Throughout the week Quinn has been the guy practicing with the first team. The reps have been equal but Quinn has gone in first. Contrary to reports that Manigini doesn't like Quinn, he has said that Quinn has been "outstanding" this offseason. He said that it isn't as though Anderson has been bad, just Quinn has been outstanding.

So it appears as though Quinn has the early edge. Most Browns fans will be happy about that. However, there are still many fans who believe that Anderson would be a better choice.

I have some questions for those who support Anderson. The same guys often have plenty of criticism of Quinn too.

Something I always hear is that Quinn didn't light the world on fire in his first three starts, the same way Anderson did in his first start against the Bengals in 2007.

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Do you forget that that wasn't his first start?

He started a handful of games in 2006. He threw five TDs and eight INTs. His rating was 63.1. That is not exactly lighting the world on fire.

Another thing I always here is that Quinn's success was against bad defenses. Well last I checked Chicago had a pretty good defense. They wanted to end the preseason with a solid feeling so they started all their regulars including Brian Urlacher. Yet Quinn moved them right down the field for two scores in two drives.

I am not sure Buffalo had that bad of defense. If they did then the Browns line was sleeping because they were in Quinn's face all night. Because of that he didn't put up great passing stats but he managed the game well enough to manufacture 29 points and a victory.

Also do they forget that Anderson's success in 2007 came against a very weak schedule?

According to Anderson Supporters, Quinn choked in every big game he played in at Notre Dame. I don't consider beating Michigan on the road choking. The comeback on the road against Michigan State was amazing.

Some of the other games they lost because the other team was better. He had a great game against USC and set a school record for passing yards against Ohio State. So the Irish didn't lose because of Brady Quinn.

While we are on the subject of choking in big games, what did Anderson do in 2007 against the Patriots and Steelers?

More importantly what did he do in week 16 against the Bengals?

That was the game in which the Browns could have clinched a playoff spot and he threw four INTs.

Based on all that how can anybody prefer Anderson at this point?

Maybe Quinn is the guy and maybe he isn't. So let's find out, because as far as I am concerned Anderson ship has already sailed.

The picture above is symbolic of that.