Dallas Cowboys Sign Michael Vick! (Not Really, But It Wouldn't Surprise Me)

Troy MarineCorrespondent IMay 22, 2009

Michael Vick was released from a federal penitentiary in Leavenworth, KS early Wednesday morning where he had been held the past 19 months after being convicted of federal dog-fighting charges.

It seemed like a quick 19 months, but then again, I wasn’t the one behind bars.

Vick traveled from Leavenworth to Hampton, VA , where he will serve two months of home confinement, by car, with his fiancée, a videographer and several members of a security team assembled by Vick's lawyers and advisers.

He has stated that his first priority is spending time with his family, but the ultimate goal is to return to the NFL.  

I would expect with his financial troubles, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy relief last July, and the fact he is getting ready to start a $10/hr job as a laborer for a construction company, which is part of his probation, getting back to the NFL will be second in his line of priorities.

Once Roger Goodell reinstates him, and I say once because we all know he will, my prediction is he signs with the Dallas Cowboys by the beginning of next season. 

Here are four reasons why I think the ‘Boys will sign Vick.

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Jerry Jones

This is what Jerry Jones does.  Remember guys named Adam “Pacman” Jones, Tank Johnson, and Quincy Carter.  Jerry has a knack for signing guys that have been through some kind of adversity, or should I just say convicted felons.  He loves the media attention, whether it’s bad, or good. 

He could sign him to an incentive laden contract, with no guaranteed money, and if it doesn’t work out, no sweat of his back.

Tony Romo

Romo has yet to show he can be the star QB for the Cowboys.  I know, Jones has been quoted as saying “Romo is our guy”, but I believe just a couple months ago, Josh McDaniels, coach of the Denver Broncos, said in an interview with the NFL Network “He’s our Quarterback.” 

That “he” was Jay Cutler, who is now the quarterback for the Chicago Bears

So, I don’t care what the owner, or coach, says to the media at that time, anything can happen.  I think Romo has one more year to get the job done, and if he doesn’t, Jones will need someone to lead this team, and Jon Kitna ain’t that someone. 

Star Power

Bringing Vick in, even if it’s as a backup, will put butts in the seats of that new billion dollar stadium Jones will open up this year. 

All he has to do is get him on the field in some capacity, whether they run the “Wildcat” formation a couple times a game, or possibly as a wide receiver or running back for gimmick plays.  The guys still an elite athlete, and it I don’t think two years out of the NFL will hurt him too bad. 


We all saw what happened last year when Romo went down to injury, and Brad Johnson had to come in and save the day.  It was about as disgusting as Rosie O’Donnell in a two-piece bathing suit! 

As I stated above, I don’t think Kitna, who has a career 152 TD’s and 151 Int.’s, and turns 37 in September, is the answer. 

If Romo does go down again, whether it’s this year, or next, Vick would give them the insurance they need to stay the course until Romo gets healthy.  Or, if Vick plays well enough, I heard he was the starting quarterback for both prison teams, the Romo era could come to an end a lot quicker then everyone thought.

Obviously, this whole scenario depends on Jerry Jones, and whether or not he really feels Tony Romo is their quarterback.  If he has any doubt, which is always possible once he sees how things go without Terrell Owens, Vick may be in his speed dial real quick. 

Most people may not like “T.O.”, but he averaged 1,195 receiving yards and 12.5 TD’s per year in his three seasons with the Cowboys, which coincidentally was Romo’s first three years as Dallas’s starting quarterback. 

I’m not saying Romo won’t produce without T.O, but I do know T.O has done it without Romo, and helped a couple different quarterbacks have great seasons before.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Vick.

For now though, as I look at Casey, my beautiful and sweet pit-bull mix, I can only hope he has learned a viable lesson, and will do whatever it takes to repair his once indestructible reputation.


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