Washington Redskins: Why Not Colt Brennan?

Kevin Roberts@BreakingKevinSenior Writer IMay 22, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - AUGUST 28: Quarterback Colt Brennan #5 of the Washington Redskins passes the ball during the preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on August 28, 2008 at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

First, it was Jason Campbell for Jay Cutler. Maybe.

That didn't work.

Then it was Campbell involved in draft-day talks. Did the Redskins want a different quarterback, an upgrade, some competition?

Regardless of what you took out of it, it's clear the Redskins (namely Daniel Snyder) don't have too much confidence in their starting quarterback.

After making solid strides in his first eight starts (going 6-2) in 2008, Campbell and the rest of the offense took a dive off the deep end...and never returned.

Washington sputtered the rest of the way, going 2-6, finishing 8-8, and missing the playoffs. Very New York Jets-Favre-like.

And just when we were beginning to believe.

However, after trade talk rumor after trade talk rumor, here we are, back with Campbell as the opening day starter.

The thing that is the most interesting is how the Redskins appear so sure they're starting with the best player at the quarterback position.

After his solid finish to the 2007 season and leading the Redskins into the playoffs, it's arguable that Todd Collins, even at 38, could be a better option.

Not exactly an addition toward the future, but Collins is clearly a better game-manager and decision-maker.

But even if it would be the better play, it'd still be foolish. There's no point in stunting a potentially good player's growth, unless you have a young guy you can run with.

But wait, don't they already have another good, young quarterback on their roster?

Depending on your definition of good, quarterback, and roster, you may answer yes.

Yes, folks, I'm launching the idea that Colt Brennan, Hawaii alum and all, can be, and should be the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

It makes sense on so many levels.

Snyder and the Skins' front office have already begun to realize they messed up with Campbell. As solid as he has looked in some stretches, he has looked obscenely average in others.

He's a polished Jamarcus Russell. Wow, I can already hear the applause.

Oh, and here comes the lifetime aware for "Most Average Athlete." But instead of shtick, mediocrity, or an old dude flailing lame-duck passes into triple coverage, we could get the Hawaiian player with a bad attitude.

Let's face it, from the media, to your friends, to your own disillusioned perception of what quarterbacking is, you developed a finely tuned hatred for Colt Brennan.

He's the guy you wish had killed dogs, instead of Michael Vick, because that way the hatred you already have for him would be met with something that actually deserves it.

No, the truth is, Brennan is actually pretty good. He was flat-out dominant at Hawaii, but was restricted on an NFL-scouting basis, due to his lack of elite competition and the type of offense he played in.

The there's the "questionable character," and all that mumbo-gumbo.

Are they relevant? Yes, but not to the degree where an NFL front office will continue to keep him off the field just to save face.

It's time to come to a blinding realization. I know you (we) have been waiting for it for some time now, and we had hoped it would have come in a better form, but alas, this will have to do.

For now, we'll have to do with the NFL and a specific team/front office to allow us to reach our temporary state of Zen.

The Redskins, Daniel Snyder, and the rest of the collective NFL world will have to swallow their pride and admit, once and for all, that Jason Campbell very well could be a bust.

Or, he just is a bust.

He was drafted the same year Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith were, and he's nowhere near Rodgers' level, while being only another bad season away from Smith's.

Washington is coming to a crossing of roads, and they need to jump on Brennan's bus or ride the flat-tired Campbell-train.

While it's likely to be a bumpy ride, either way, at least with Brennan, the ride could be a little more exciting.


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