Kevin Durant on WNBA Champ Fiancee: 'She's Got More Championships Than I Do'

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2013

Photo via Larry Brown Sports.
Photo via Larry Brown Sports.

Kevin Durant is a master scorer, an expert gutter cleaner and apparently a charming sweet-talker.

Discussing his fiancee, Monica Wright, Durant expressed how overjoyed he was to call the two-time WNBA champion his future wife, per The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry.

Good to hear that Durant thinks so highly of Wright, who plays for the Minnesota Lynx and just won her second championship in three years. Clearly, there will be plenty of mutual support flowing within their future household.

While paying homage to his significant other, Durant also insulted himself. Wright, who has played in the WNBA for only four seasons, has two titles. After six years in the NBA, Durant has none, though he did lead his Oklahoma City Thunder within three victories of a ring in 2012.

Mocking his bare fingers while praising his champion bride-to-be is so Kevin Durant.

Despite last season's attempt to redefine his image, he's known as a fierce competitor and his own harshest critic. He is someone who wears his heart and losses on his sleeve(less jersey) and his revealing face. That he doesn't shy away from acknowledging his shortcomings as a professional athlete is typical.

The NBA and WNBA are two different leagues, of course, and Durant and Wright are playing under very different circumstances. Still, Durant makes it about winning a title. With him, it's always about winning a title. And about escaping a streak as No. 2.

But where playing in the shadow of LeBron James can be a frustratingly gut-wrenching experience, Durant seems genuinely appreciative to have a champion join his family.

That, or he's forever seeking to earn brownie points with the missus, much like he'll always be playing to win a title and nothing less.

In which case, then, mission accomplished, and may Durant finally capture a ring of his own, if only to make family brunches, Thanksgiving dinners and the rest of his life that much less awkward.