5 Best Arsenal Bars to Drink in Before Going to the Emirates

James McNicholas@@jamesmcnicholasFeatured ColumnistOctober 11, 2013

5 Best Arsenal Bars to Drink in Before Going to the Emirates

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    The pre-match pint is a cherished part of the Premier League matchday experience.

    Arsenal fans are blessed with a huge range of drinking establishments to choose from. The relatively short move from Highbury to the Emirates Stadium has meant that Gooners have been able to stick to their drinking habits.

    Over the next few slides, we identify the best spots for a pre-match drink. 

The Twelve Pins

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    Pub Name: The Twelve Pins

    Address: 263 Seven Sisters Road

    Distance from Emirates Stadium: 0.8 miles (15 minutes walk)

    This pub is conveniently located right by Finsbury Park Station, making it a regular destination for a hoard of Arsenal fans. 

    Punters say:

    This pub was built big and is used to dealing with large crowds whenever there is an event in Finsbury Park, so it’s well able to cope with the matchday crowds and is a good meeting place just around the corner from Finsbury Pak station. The two large screens make this an excellent pub to watch the football in; they’re sufficiently elevated to allow a decent view even when the pub is packed. - Ultimate Pub Guide

The Tollington

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    Pub Name: The Tollington

    Address: 115 Hornsey Road

    Distance from Emirates Stadium: 0.3 miles (6 minutes walk)

    The Tollington is located very near to the ground and is renowned for its friendly staff and delicious Thai food. You might even spot one or two celebrated Gooners thereit is the preferred drinking spot of notorious Arsenal blogger Arseblog.

    Punters say:

    Proper spot before the match!  Loved meeting all the Gooners there, and had such a great time! Ooh to be a Gooner! - Kurtis P (Yelp)

The Gunners

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    Pub Name: The Gunners

    Address: 204 Blackstock Road

    Distance from Emirates Stadium: 0.6 miles (13 minutes walk)

    If you want Arsenal memorabilia to get you in the mood for the game, The Gunners is certainly the bar for you. The whole place is a veritable shrine to all things Arsenal.

    Punters say:

    You've not really done the whole trip unless you've had a few sessions in The Gunners. It's the spiritual drinking den of every Arsenal fan. We've frequented this bar on and off for a good few years. It's where you first head to if we've won something, it's where you head to if Arsenal are out in Europe and you can't get there. You're just always assured that there will be a huge crowd of Gooners to share your joy or desperation with. - Highbury High 

The Auld Triangle

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    Pub Name: The Auld Triangle

    Address: 52 St. Thomas' Road

    Distance from Emirates Stadium: 0.5 miles (10 minutes walk)

    This Irish pub became a favoured haunt for Arsenal fans as it was in the shadow of the old North Bank Stand. It has retained its popularity even after the switch to the Emirates Stadium.

    Punters say:

    The Auld Triangle is such a good boozer - just like they should be. There's good beer and it's alright inside but what you tend to get at places like The Auld Triangle are great people, and there's plenty of them here. A great pub for us in Finsbury Park. - Anon (View London)

El Comandante

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    Pub Name: El Comandante

    Address: 10 Annette Road

    Distance from Emirates Stadium: 0.2 miles (4 minutes walk)

    El Comandante is something of a surprise. From the outside it appears to be a traditional English pub. However, inside it becomes clear it is a colourful Cuban bar. Its sparkling atmosphere and superb location make it an increasingly popular choice for Arsenal fans.

    Punters say:

    The place has an awesome glow to it, once inside it transports you to the other side of the world. Come in, meet the owner Will, he is a great laugh and it seems he has pretty much opened the pub just so his mates can come in and drink cheap Sam Miguel. - Anne F (Yelp)

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