Athletes Who Love to Make Cameos

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2013

Athletes Who Love to Make Cameos

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    As great as some of our favorite athletes are at their sport, sometimes they just don't think that's enough of a big deal, and they try their hand at acting.

    But just because a director decides to actually put them in a movie or TV show, it doesn't necessarily mean they kill it as if they were shooting a basketball or catching a football.

    There have been some interesting athlete performances while in front of the camera, but these are the guys—good or bad—who seem to find themselves trying to perfect their acting craft the most.

Roy Hibbert (Indiana Pacers)

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    It's only natural to think that Pacers big man Roy Hibbert was selected for his cameo on the TV show, Parks and Recreations, because he plays for the nearest pro team of the fictional town the show takes place in, Pawnee, Indiana.

    Per The National Post's Eric Koreen, the idea to try and get on the show was all Hibbert's, as he admitted to lobbying hard to get himself on it because he's such a big fan.

    Apparently Hibbert did something right, because he has already shown up twice, and hoping to get on a third time, per Koreen's interview.

Matt Forte (Chicago Bears)

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    One of many NFL stars who has found their way onto the fantasy football league-obsessed show, The League, Bears running back Matt Forte has joined a long list of guys who have actually been questioned as to being cursed for their cameo.

    I'm not too sure about all that, considering Forte—and many of those other dudes—have enjoyed great seasons since they stepped on-screen.

    As a versatile back on the field, Forte showed that he was just as talented in front of the camera too.

Amar'e Stoudemire (New York Knicks)

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    Amar'e Stoudemire's time with the Knicks since signing a mega deal back in the summer of 2010 might be considered up-and-down, but what he's lacked on the basketball court, he's more than made up for in an abundance of cameos.

    The former All-Star has shown his creative and funny sides on shows and movies like The ExesThe Mindy Project and the comedy, MacGruber.

    With a ton of acting titles to his name, Amar'e might be preparing to a nice transition into acting should his knees not hold up playing basketball.

Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

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    If you've read anything of mine before, I'm not bashful in acknowledging my jealousy of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

    The guy has a supermodel wife—Gisele Bundchen—three Super Bowl rings, is arguably one of the best passers to ever line up behind center and, to top if all off, he shows up nearly everywhere.

    Thanks to his cameos in Stuck On YouThe Simpsons, a variety of commercials and Entourage, Brady knows that some of his best attributes are actually shown without wearing a helmet.

Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)

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    As one of the most popular athletes on the planet—and unheralded in the glitzy town of Los Angeles—Lakers star Kobe Bryant has had more than his fair share of opportunities to step in front of the camera.

    From quick appearances in things like Modern FamilyHang TimeDancing With the Stars and yes, even alongside Amanda Bynes in All That, Kobe has seemingly done it all.

    Bryant usually appears to be the most competitive guy on the planet, so seeing the lighter side of him is a good thing for fans.

Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)

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    When he's not breaking passing records and throwing the football all over the field, it seems that Saints quarterback Drew Brees is auditioning for some sort of cameo.

    Brees has been seen on spots in shows like Entourage, a number of different commercials and, even on X Factor—where he made a pseudo appearance with the group, One Direction.

    Clearly Drew knows how to entertain fans without having a football in his hands.

Chris Bosh (Miami Heat)

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    While his Miami Heat teammates, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, might get more press, the third amigo, Chris Bosh, owns them when it comes to cameo appearances.

    After digging a little deeper on Bosh's mug in different spots, he's actually credited with 26 different roles as an actor—including Parks and RecreationLaw & Order: SVU and Entourage.

    He's probably most proud of his eight All-Star appearances and back-to-back titles, but having some of the most cameos in the league has to be up there too.

Derek Jeter (New York Yankees)

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    As a 19-year veteran, five-time World Series champ and the captain of the Yankees, it's no wonder why shortstop Derek Jeter gets asked to show up in so many different TV shows and movies.

    The dude is the absolute "King of New York," and he's proven it, with credits from shows and movies like Seinfeld, Anger Management and The Other Guys.

    Jeter's bigger than life, so of course he snags anything he wants.

LeBron James (Miami Heat)

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    What? You didn't think the biggest star on the planet would be included on this list?

    When it comes to shows and movies wanting to make a splash, there might not be anyone bigger than getting Heat forward LeBron James to agree to do it.

    As good as James is while wearing sneakers, he shows a good amount of his charisma anytime he has a camera in his face or he's lending his voice to an animated series.

The Manning Brothers

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    If there's a camera rolling for something, you better believe that the Manning brothers will find their way onto the screen somehow.

    Whether it's from their promotional-type obligations or just being asked to host a TV show like Saturday Night Live, all the Manning dudes—Peyton, Eli and yes, even oldest brother Cooper—don't mind showing their funny side for us fans.