Sorry Mike Vick, The Answer Is No.

Ryan HarrisContributor IMay 20, 2009

The potential reinstatement of Mike Vick is without a doubt the most polarizing issue in the NFL right now. One side believes that Vick has paid his debt to society and should be granted the right to play football again. The other side believes his crimes were just too much and should not be taken back in by the NFL brotherhood.

The undecided are few and far between and whichever way the NFL goes there will certainly be a loud backlash. 

My opinion, and it is only my opinion, is that the NFL should judge Mike Vick's case for reinstatement on his off the field body of work. Unfortunately for Vick the picture that is painted is rather grim. 

Quick Summary:

1) In 2004 Vick and his friend Quanis Phillips allegedly stole a security screeners Rolex

2) Vick gave the middle finger to the Falcons Fans after a tough game. 

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3) Vick had a water bottle with a secret compartment that he claims was for jewelry, although the airport security believed there were traces of Marijuana. A year later Vick tested positive for weed, while he was awaiting sentencing. 

4) Vick had unprotected sex with a woman while knowing he was a carrier of the STD herpes. 

5) Mike Vick lied to Commissioner Goodell's face about his involvement in the dog fighting allegations.

This brings us to the big one, the dog fighting.

Vick took part in these activities for at-least six years before getting caught. His whole estate was the creme del la creme of dog fighting. It included rape stands, black painted roofs, which makes the buildings difficult to see from above, training treadmills and tragically an assortment of weapons that led to cruel murders of animals.

He was even dumb enough to have a side business "Bad Newz Kennels," where he actually sold some pit bulls.  

To those who believe that Vick should be reinstated my question is this; what does someone have to do to be kicked out of the NFL? Vick hasn't done enough? What else could he do?

I'm sorry, but Vick has proven over and over again that he is not a good person.

"Well this is America, and it is built on second chances". 

Vick is out of prison, that is his second chance; period. Playing in the NFL is a privilege and Vick has done nothing but embarrass the league over and over again. Would your current employer take you back if you did the same things that Vick did? I didn't think so. 

"Ray Lewis Killed a Guy". 

I wasn't there, neither were you. We don't know what happened and right or wrong the courts have dealt with it.

"In some cultures dog fighting is legal"

It isn't in the USA, case closed.    

I think the NFL needs to take a metaphorical look in the mirror and say, "what type of organization do we want to be? Do we want to send a message that this type of behavior will be condoned? Do we want our fans to know we quickly forgive just about anything, or do we want to draw a line in the sand?

If I had a vote it would be to close the NFL door on Mike Vick.

"Sorry Mike, but you had your chance and you blew it. You have shown an affinity for making the wrong choices over and over again. The NFL does not want people like you in our family and anything but a lifetime ban sends a horrible message to our players, our fans and youngsters around the world".


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