Hello? Michael Vick? Please Save My Team!

Bryan MortonContributor IMay 20, 2009

21 Apr 2001:  Michael Vick speaks to representatives from the Atlanta Falcons before the Falcons selected Vick first in the NFL Draft at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Mandatory Credit: Ezra Shaw/ALLSPORT

The big news in the sports world is that Michael Vick has been released from prison. The next thing on the minds of football fans is will he play again? If so, then where?

I'm sure there are many who feel he doesn't deserve another chance to play football, at least not in the NFL. I wonder why. Why do we merge people with their careers? What he did off-field is a personal matter. His illegal activities weren't on-field, they weren't during a game, nor in an NFL associated facility. So why should he be banned from playing in the NFL?

If a photographer is caught and serves time for a DUI, is that person now banned from owning or ever using a camera again? How often are people in public office or public service organizations punished for misconduct, but do not fired? It happens all the time.

I, for one, say let him play and welcome back, Mr. Vick. I can't wait to be dazzled again.

So, with all political matters aside, here's my stance on the 5 teams that need Vick the most:

1 - Washington Redskins - This team lacks solid play from their offensive line and could benefit a mobile QB. In addition, assuming they keep Campbell, Vick can be used in other positions to try to draw the defense to one side or run a trick play.

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2 - Seattle Seahawks - The offensive line isn't what it used to be and the receiving core is mediocre. Vick could employ some of his "I'm gonna run...wait, no I'm not....yes I am...no I'm not" scrambling madness to help free his WRs. In addition, they have a great, young outlet guy at TE in John Carlson, a la the Vick to Crumpler glory days.

3 - Oakland Raiders - Ok, you're probably thinking, yeah, the home of the NFL's rough and ruthless. Oakland, home of the NFL throwaways. Maybe some of that is true, but their experience with recent QBs just hasn't panned out and this is another team with a flaky O-line. JaMarcus Russell just doesn't seem to possess the speed necessary to avoid the rush.

4 - Dallas Cowboys - But they have Tony Romo! Yeah, yeah....I hear ya. Just keep in mind that Jerry Jones has a short fuse and Romo's chance to win Jones a SuperBowl is running out. So if you can't make it to the big dance, bring in a big attraction. They have to fill that new stadium and pay the bills some how, right?

5 - New England Patriots - WHAT?! That's right, New England. They traded away Cassell as the back up. The offensive line is getting old and so is Brady, who was never athletic. Then there's the argument of "look at how they've transformed Randy Moss". With head coach at the "mastermind" level, I'm sure he can work Vick into the offense in a number of ways. Who knows, with his speed, you might even see Vick at SS playing close to the line to rush the opposing QB. Imagine Vick becoming a candidate for NFL sack leader.