Danica Patrick Stars in Colt Ford's 'Drivin' Around Song' Music Video

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 3, 2013

It’s a hot day in the country, and the last operational fan just broke. You know what this means—Danica Patrick and Colt Ford are going for a ride.

Indeed, the GoDaddy driver and the country musician have collaborated on a music video for Ford’s latest hit. Titled “Drivin’ Around Song,” Ford’s song is just that—a tune for driving around when there’s nothing better to do than enjoy the day.

Ford dropped a teaser for the collaboration in September, but now we have the full video, courtesy of Mike Foss at For The Win.

Also featured in the video is Patrick's boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who has no idea what he’s doing under the hood of that car.

It all starts just like any given day at the auto repair garage: miserable people waiting around for a car that will not be fixed anytime soon.

Unlike most days at the auto garage, a woman gets tired of waiting and steals the mechanic’s Coleman UTV (make sure you get the logo!) and goes off on a joyride with her sweet-crooning companion.

GIF via For The Win

Patrick manages to steal poor Stenhouse’s ride and peels out with Ford, who’s surprisingly spry for a man who might actually be a brown bear with a great singing voice.

From there, Patrick and Ford go “cruisin’ down the backroads” and see a staggering number of beautiful women hanging out of various trucks and other automobiles. Wherever this town is, take me there—but only in a Ford, a Chevy or a Coleman UTV.

The video climaxes with an impromptu parking lot concert, where Ford, his band and his townspeople wave their arms and sing the chorus. This is what happens when you’re working with NASCAR drivers, as they’re highly efficient at gathering a raucous crowd.

The concert soon ends, and the two UTV thieves are back in the auto shop before Stenhouse ever notices they’re gone. 

GIF via For The Win 

I fear he was underestimating the sneakiness.

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