Anquan Boldin for Julius Peppers? A Trade for the Ages

Daniel BrommerCorrespondent IMay 20, 2009

Before I start this article, just for clarification, this trade did not happen!

Imagine if it did, though.

Think of it this way: is there a bad end of the deal? Each team gets exactly what they want, and the players get exactly what they want.

Anquan Boldin has been demanding a trade for four months now, as has Julius Peppers.

Boldin wants to be a number one receiver, which I would still find it hard for him to do so in Carolina, but he would have a better chance being a number one there then he would with his current team.

Boldin wants a large contract, Arizona isn't ready to give it to him. Does he have more to prove? Or has he reached his peak?

Boldin wants the best chance to win and to win now. What's all the fuss for? Didn't he just get done playing in the Super Bowl?

On the other hand, we have Julius Peppers, the dominant defensive end for the Carolina Panthers.

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Peppers began his trade demands right after the season was over, stating that he no longer wanted to be a Panther. He believes that the Panthers have disrespected him by not giving him a long term deal.

Peppers went through many trade talks, including with his dream destination, the New England Patriots, but the Panthers just weren't ready to give him up.

Carolina doesn't expect Peppers to show up until they open their mini-camps in July.

I know this may sound crazy, but this trade is for the best. The Cardinals run a 3-4 defense, and that's what Peppers wants to go to. Could you imagine Peppers as a rush outside linebacker?

Boldin wants to go somewhere to be a number one receiver and to win. Carolina had a great season last year, although its dreams were shattered by none other than the Cardinals.

This would ultimately be the best move by both teams. They would rid themselves of the cancer that is the distraction of contract talks. No team wants to enter a season with contract disputes amongst their best players.

A trade straight up, no draft picks or cash, between these two teams would shape the faces of their franchises.

Arizona would finally have their defensive stud.

Carolina would have that extra weapon to compliment Steve Smith and to get them to the top.

This trade will never happen, but if it did, it would be the smartest move for both teams.

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