Mr. Olympia 2013 Results: Phil Heath Proves He's Still World's Top Bodybuilder

Alex Ballentine@Ballentine_AlexFeatured ColumnistSeptember 29, 2013

Photo via Isaac Hinds/
Photo via Isaac Hinds/

Mr. Olympia 2013 saw a familiar face take the grand prize home as Phil Heath claimed his third-consecutive Mr. Olympia title. NPC News had the standings for the top six finishers:

In reality, it's not surprising that Heath emerged victorious. Sporting the perfect combination of mass, definition and symmetry, he has both the genes and insane work ethic to be nearly flawless by the time he hits the bright lights of center stage.

Still, this victory has to be the most impressive on his resume to date.

Despite the 33-year-old's favored status heading into the Super Bowl of bodybuilding, the phenom faced some stiff competition in the event's history. Not only was 2012 runner-up Kai Greene prepared to test Heath's muscle-building abilities, but former champions Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson were also in the field.

In short, if there's anyone on the planet that can build a more impressive physique than Heath, he was on the stage on Saturday night, and no one was able to unseat the reigning champion. 

Heath still has a long way to go to secure a spot among the top bodybuilders of all time. The Mr. Olympia competition has traditionally been dominated for long periods of time by the legends of the sport. Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman earned eight titles, Dorian Yates had a six-year streak of Mr. Olympia titles and Arnold Schwarzenegger had five wins in six years.

But there's no denying that this is one of the most singularly impressive titles of all time. As MuscleTech pointed out, this year's crop of talent was one of the toughest to top in history. The fact that this year's event had the highest payout in Mr. Olympia history just made his win all the more impressive. 

With back-to-back runner-up Kai Greene, third-place finisher Dennis Wolf and the pair of former champions likely coming after Heath yet again in 2014, he'll have plenty of opportunity to etch his name into the bodybuilding history books in the coming years.