Getting to Know New Safety Brian Dawkins

Chris SchmaedekeContributor IMay 19, 2009

Safety Brian Dawkins was the heart of the Philadelphia Eagles' defense for 13 years before signing with the Denver Broncos. What does the safety bring to the Broncos' defense and the team as a whole?

Q. After spending the first 13 years of your career with the Eagles, how does it feel to be part of another team?

Q. The Broncos defense struggled last season. How can you help put this defense on the map once again?

Q. You played in a 4-3 scheme in Philadelphia. The Broncos are switching to a 3-4 this season, so how do you feel about playing in that scheme?

Q. The Broncos had problems pressuring the quarterback, and you have been part of a blitzing, aggressive defense that always put pressure on the QB in Philadelphia. Do you feel you will help by blitzing for the Broncos or by staying back in coverage?

Q. You are part of a rebuilt secondary, with Champ Bailey as the only returning starter.  How do you feel about playing with one of the best cover corners in the game?

Q. You were a leader in Philadelphia. Are you looking to take on the same role in Denver?

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Q. Some feel that coach Josh McDaniels has made some questionable decisions during the offseason. Including trading Jay Cutler and drafting Knowshon Moreno.  What do you think of the Broncos' offseason as a whole?

Q. Mike Nolan was hired to run the defense. What do you know about his scheme, and what is your relationship with him?

Q. The Broncos could not stop the run last season. Can you help the run defense by providing run support from the safety spot?

Q. You have 34 career interceptions and 21 career sacks. Do you enjoy rushing the passer or staying back in coverage more?